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11 of NW Cary’s finest HIM gathered on 11/30 at what is arguably the best NW Cary AO on a Thursday that ever existed. With all the hoopla over at BO, one would have thought the second coming was happening. I mean, there was surely a star to the east of us right over DTC. We are also pretty sure we heard a little drummer boy. Be that as it may, the 11 chaps left behind were just there to put in a day’s work before 0630. And work we did.


Jog out the parking lot and down the long hill of the long driveway, stopping short of the rock pile where it levels out. Start off with some exercises that included Good Mornings, Merkins (of course) and Imperial Squat Walkers.

Thang 1

Lightpole Suicides up the hill – except at the light poles, do 10 of a called exercise (different one for each pole). Nothing at the bottom. Squat hold when done, and when the six arrives 5 Burpees OYO. Run all the way back up the hill, stopping at the parking lot entrance for another 5 burpees OYO.

Thang 2

Jog to the far back corner of the parking lot and down the stairs to the track / football field where we did the Mucho Chesto Merkin Mile:

  • 10 x Standard Merkins
  • 10 x Diamond Merkins
  • 10 x Wide Grip Merkins
  • 10 x Offset Merkins (R arm forward)
  • 10 x Offset Merkins (L arm forward)
  • Lap around the track (1/4 mile)

Repeato x 3 for a total of 200 Merkins and a full mile. Finish up with some Plank-a-rama while the six arrived. Then another 5 burpees OYO.

Thang 3

Back over to the steps for a round of bunny hops – one with both legs, one with right leg only, one with left leg only. Squat it out at the top, adding a little pulse and maybe some Monkey Humpers thrown in there. I seem to remember those. Jog it back over to the basketball court by the parking lot for a set of suicides, with a set of 10 called exercises at each of the 4 turnaround lines, followed by some Mary and Jackass Merkins. Thanks to Hi-Liter ™ for those!


Count-a-rama: 11 strong
Name-a-rama: 4 RESPECTS, 7 mehs
Announcements: Christmas Party; Walk to Bethlehem; Toys 4 Tots (need them by 12/7); Werewolf at Whiplash Saturday at 0530
Prayers: Grease Monkey’s Mom, Kilmer’s M, our 2 new 2.0s
BOM: YHC took us out


  • It was my pleasure to lead a hard-working group today
  • If you haven’t been to Flying Circus, make the trip. It is no further for you than it is for YHC’s drive out to FWD, Kryptonite, DZ, BO, or SWW, all of which I have been to multiple times. Make it happen.
  • I continue to be amazed at the fine, generous, and sincere group of (albeit, increasingly non-traveling) HIM in CarPEX Nation.
  • Keep ‘crootin’; there are more of us out there, as well as many thems that need some HIM in their lives

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