Insomnia, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

WWW x 3 and Largemouth 2.0’s B-day

Strong showing Wednesday morning for the birth of Largemouth’s 3rd child. I guess by your 3rd C-section you can tell your wife, “Hey babe, I’m gonna go for a run with the guys and I’ll meet you at the hospital!” We’ll see if she’ll cool with that with his 4th or 5th child…

Insomnia had 8 in attendance: YHC, Snots, Shut-In, Pet Sounds, Callahan, Hermes, Largemouth and Michelob (Respect)

For some reason Snots thought it would be a great combo for YHC to participate in Insomnia for YHC’s first time the week YHC has 6 Q’s…

Vesper Shut-In, Perogi, Term Paper, Hermes and Michelob?

Jog up to the community center parking lot for some SSH, cotton pickers and maybe one other exercise…

The Thang
Grab a partner and each pair grab a traveling and a non-traveling rock. (Apparently I should have specified for Chanticleer to grab a running rock which is different than a traveling rock…)
Partner with traveling/running rock run around the large circle for community center drop off while the partner with non-traveling rock completes the following exercises 2 times through:
Triceps extension
Rock your body
Rock Merkins
Rock rows
American Rock Hammers
Rock overhead squats

Mosey over to the courtyard behind the senior center, find a spot on the retaining wall for 2 sets of 20 dips and 20 alternating right/left step ups.

Mosey back to flag. During the mosey some one reminded YHC that Khakis was late, so 5 penalty burpees for all but Khakis who only had to do 1. We’re only as strong as our weakest link… much love for you Khakis!



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