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Carpex Tech MeetUp

Who:  Shut-In, Callahan, WKRP,…and YOU?
When:  8:30pm-10pm TBD day

Learn the Ins and Outs of WordPress and Other Online Tools
Callahan and WKRP have shown an interest in learning more about WordPress so we are hosting a casual get together at a local coffee shop to go over the basics and learn more about optimizing a WordPress site.  If time allows we’ll go in to basic SEO as well and other online tools.

Topics May Include
– Domain / hosting
– WordPress services
– Dashboard Navigation
– Apearance / Sidebars / Widgets
– Plugins
– Google
– Other online tools

The idea will be to do a walk through of setting up your own website from scratch.  If you’re interested DM me on GroupMe or Twitter (@mattcss_)

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