Friday, November 24, 2017

Banjo, Bartman, CK, Emeril [S. Wake], Ma Bell, Midget for Life [S. Wake], Tecumseh,

Just a little chatter leading up to Friday night’s Ruck following Thanksgiving with several die hard ruckers out of town while others had family obligations. But, several Carpexers and South Wakers stepped up.

A bit of MC preceded the event. Departure time changed to accommodate the NCSU UNC game. It was unanimous that NO ONE wanted Tecumseh’s 60 lb or 80 lb sand bags. YHC cought a bit of flack on the 8.1 mile Odyssey turning into well over 13; this was planned at 8 miles.Tecumseh was all in on providing a parking lot before committing.

YHC had requested couple of pax arrive by 6:30 to arrange for car drop off. MFL bailed at the last minute, some lame @$$ excuse. That left YHC and Bartman. We did some high level planning and determined that YHC had the space to return to DZ with all the pax and the coupons in his ride. And with that we left YHC’s car at Tecumseh’s. Bartman, “uh, weren’t we supposed to leave my car at T’s”?

Coupons were chosen: Shovel Flag [Ma Bell], F3 Shovel Flag [Emeril], Snake [Churham via Bartman], Kettle Bell and 40 lb sand bag [Tecumseh].

7 Pack mules with their GoRuck approved 30 lb packs were off: Black Creek Greenway, Umstead / Reedy Creek Trail, Trenton Road

PT Stops, with Ruck
1. Entering Umstead: Wait, Yes Wait. Emeril feeling the Turkey leg and drops some stuffing. Tclaps to Tecumseh for the wipes and Park Staff for leaving doors unlocked. Ma Bell with the merkins while we wait. Tecumseh led us through curls, tricep, press, rows, repeat.
2. Each pax led with a 15 cc of their choice.
3. At the Bridge: Ma Bell with the merkins during bio break. YHC with bear crawl across bridge, lunge walk back with 3 stops of 20 cc diamond merkins.
4. At the Lake: Tecumseh with the 1:4 Jack Webbs. We made it to 9

Some great Fellowship;
Teamwork: even those reluctant to carry coupons gladly stepped up to help a brother out.
Ma Bell at the start; “Why the hell do you want to carry a 30+ lb ruck and coupons”? The mumble chatter that followed answered his question.
Emeril, the man has customer support DOWN!
Tecumseh, MFL, and CK; I think Smokey would gladly run the BRR after those stories.
Bartman, the GoRuck outtakes, Priceless.

8 miles became 8.4
7:10 to 10:15 ish
Prayers: Grease, Wilber, Troller
Announcements: Xmas party at BB 12/14
YHC took us out

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