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Dora proves she is ready to move past 1,2,3

For the first time, the site Qs at Flying Circus decided that someone other than themselves might be worthy to Q at their new site.  It is indeed, a beautiful site, complete with two schools, one elementary and one middle school.

A crowd gathered on a crisp cool morning (including a few newcomers complianing about the commute – (we dont want hear it Grinch, Termpappy and Kitty).  We know how big Carpex is.  After a little early chatter, we were off.

Run around the bus loop (to try to figure out what Grinch was looking for when he came in) and then cut across the grass to the road between the schools were we circled up to warm up.

20x GMs, 20x Imperial Walker, 20x MC, 10 SirFazo, 10 reverse, 10 overhead clap and we were off again.  Mosey to the front of the elementary school where Dora lays down her goal.  She wants to graduate beyond elementary school so we partnered up for

100 SSH, 200 dips, 300 merkin, 400 LBCs, 500 squats – one person doing cumulative count exercises and one person running around the parking loop.  It turns out that it takes a lot of time to work through elementary school so we did have to bypass the graduation EXERCISE YHC had planned.  However, we did get dora through all the grades.

Next we proceeded to Indian Run around the rest of the elementary school, and all the way back to the basketball court near the starting point.  Mid way through the Indian run, we did pause for some plank, chilcut, plank o’rama counting to various numbers.

At the bball court, the clock had counted down so we finished with 20 WWIIs.


Announcements – Christmas party, Thanksgiving convergence

Prayers – quiet group this morning so we prayed for those unsaid.

YHC took us out.

Thanks all – it was a pleasure to lead the circus.  Missing one pax on the list- apologies.

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