Full Metal Jacket


Asystole, Banjo, Blue and out, Callahan, Chinese downhill, Fred Sanford, GTL, Half, Intimidator, McCants, Parker, Pickles, Snots, Water Wings, Wilbur,
15 pax for a Chilly FMJ. No FNGs and we’re off to the front of school to warmup.  SSH, Willy Mays Hayes, windmills, imperial walker, Sir Fazio arm twirlies, mtn climbers, merkins
ARM ROASTER: bear crawl to opposite curb, 1 merkin, bear crawl back, 2 merkins, ….. continue to 11 merkins
ELEVENS: Mosey to the small hill in front of school for set of 11s.
Run up and down the hill 1 x, 10 burpees
Run up and down the hill 2 x, 9 burpees
Run up and down the hill 10 x, 1 burpee
Asystole, first to complete, led gazelles in V-ups
Circle up for asst Mary as you finish.
Recover on jog to flag
Circle up for more Mary, led by Fred Sanford and Intimidator.
Announcements – F3 Dads Saturday Bond Park, 0900. RUCK Friday night Nov 24 1900 pm at Danger Zone – Get with Banjo.  Carpex Christmas Party – 12/14 $10 to Rip Tide, M’s welcome, no 2.0’s please. Collection of workout gear and shoes for Healing Transitions – get it to Chinese Downhill. Ma Bell collecting toys for iteration sweet tooth. Soft launch of the new kettlebell workout, Mondays at the DP site

Prayer Requests –  Intimidator’s father,  Calli’s Buddy Like and their son,  Water Wings biz partner.
YHC  took is out.
It was a pleasure to serve this am

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