Dante's Peak

I wanna rock…

Nov. 17, 2017 – Dante’s Peak Q


“We’re gonna rock this town.  Bring yer kitten mittens.”  (inserted gif of a Stray Cats album cover of some sort)

No response from the pax.  A few mediocre likes, one retweet.  Meh.

11/16/17 2:15pm:  Hotspot with a HC for a run in and out of DP.

11/16/17 2:32pm:  Michelob with a SC…yeah, right Michelob.

11/16/17 2:34pm:  PetSounds with an “outta town” spin class excuse. 😉

11/17/17 5:17:40am:  The band of 3 set off early for DP.

11/17/17 5:38am:  Upon arrival, not many PAX there.  Yet.  Then everybody rolled in.  Started with 18.  YHC meant to start with the Pledge of Allegiance, so wherever you are right now, stand up, put your hand over your heart, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  Here’s a shovelflag you can use.


Now you may proceed.

5:45 Warmup (no FNGs, a few faces YHC hadn’t seen in a while #myfaultnotyours

  • Run up to the b-ball court (“hey, Old Maid, you know the circle’s thataway”)
  • SSH x 20 (recover between each activity below)
  • IW x 15
  • Std Merkin x 20 OMD in cadence OMD…oh FFS just do some merkins
  • Plank Jack x 10 or so

The Thang

  • Break into 1s and 2s: Indian Run each, ones go down the hill to the bridge, twos on the sidewalk. Meet up at Frog Pond. Find a partner from the other group.  P1 picks a rock.
  • Rock catch me if you can. P1 5 Rock burpees then jog with your rock. P2 run a loop. Continue until your rock has made it all the way around, maybe twice.


  • Run up to the amphitheater with your same partner.
    • P1 Plank hold while P2 goes to first wall for 5 ALRSU, flapjack.
    • P1 Merkins AMRAP while P2 goes to 2nd wall for 5 box jumps, flapjack
    • P1 BTTW while P2 goes to 3rd wall for 5 derkins, flapjack


  • Run up the path to the big lot for a round of Mini Chesto (10 standard, 10 diamond, 10 wide grip, 10 left hand forward, 10 right hand forward, all Merkins!)
  • Repeato (just kidding)


  • Split back into 1s and 2s.  1s on the right side, 2s on the left.
  • Bearcrawl 3 spaces, crawlbear 3 spaces, 10 crabcakes, repeato till halfway (YHC did a couple of demos, does that count towards a 6-pack?)
  • Crabcrawl 3 spaces, crawlcrab 3 spaces, 10 burpees, repeato till the end (audible on the last one for YHC)
  • Khakis took off outta here at about this time…0615 hard stop to be in the OR on time.
  • Throw in some squats and squat jumps at the end


  • Indian run back opposite the route you came over (with Hotspot having to remind YHC that I should participate by actually DOING said exercise when it was my time #gassed)
  • Upon meeting up, 10 partner merkins with your original partner (#crowdpleaser)
  • Mosey down the hill to that little tree, then on your six, back to the flag (some chatter about what defines a Mosey…cranking up typewriter to send a letter to Dredd and OBT for clarification… 🙂 )
  • LeMans start Billy Run to the flag (“you see, a Le Mans start is when the drivers all start on pit wall, then run to their…ah heck, just go when I say “GO””)
  • Circle up and recover


  • Freddy Mercury x 10
  • Bird Dog 5 count halfway around right, other half left
  • Makhtar Ndiaye x 10
  • Shakira x 5 IC each side
  • J-Lo x 10 IC
  • Box cutter x 5 pause for 6″ hold w/10 count,
  • Cox butter x 5  pause  for 6″ hold w/10 count (Tclaps to Hotspot for that quick on the feet..er…six… moniker)
  • Have a Nice Day for 30 seconds



Kettlebell workout starting Monday, name TBD.  Something about Monkey Bell.  Or Kettle Nut.  Or Cox Butter.

F3Dads Saturday 0900 (after Phoenix).


RedRyder’s son with mono…get well soon!

Madelyn’s fight with melanoma (student at AFHS).

Others unspoken.


First Q here at DP.  I had hoped to get on the Q list earlier in the summer, and tour the disc golf course with you guys, but life got in the way.  And all the times I’ve posted and we’ve stormed up the hill in all directions-today you got none of that.  Instead, I went an unorthodox (for me) direction with less running and more core work.  Because, I believe F3 has helped me become a better runner by strengthening my core.  If you haven’t heard (WHO HASN’T?) I took a tumble at the trail marathon Michelob and I did last month.  Fell pretty hard (twice) and gashed my knee, requiring nine (NINE!) stitches.  Even then, even with a big old cut and going markedly slower for the last 6.5 miles or so, I STILL BEAT MY BEST TIME IN THIS RACE (3rd time running it) BY OVER 13 MINUTES.  For 2 reasons:

  • Stronger core from all the F3 bootcamp stuff
  • Stronger heart (not the one that pumps blood) from all the teamwork, commitment, and accountability we have with F3

I truly believe it is the 2nd one that enabled me to push through to the finish.

That and continuing my string of never DNF’ing a race in over 10 years.

Oh, and Michelob being older than me and beating me by another 10 minutes himself.

Freakin’ cyborg.

Old Maid out

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