Bradford's Ordinary

The Traveling Jacks

  • When: Nov 16th, 2017
  • QIC: Earhart
  • The PAX: Khakis, Riptide, Hermes, Hello Kitty, Half, Pickles, Callahan, Lite Brite, Gopher, Ma Bell, Angry Elf, Coney, Tecumseh, YHC Earhart

YHC was nostalgic as he pulled into BO after two years of posting, sweating, grunting and crying with a great group of men.  I cannot believe it has been two years, but what a great experience it has been so far.  13 PAX show-up, some doing the Hello Kitty Meow Mile EC, plant the flag and head-out, according to the Nan-Tan 30 seconds late.   Head right and over to the usual spot, circle up around some very large, red balls (no comments) for:

Warm Up

Good mornings

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers

Sir Fazio Arm Thingies


The Thang

Done with the warm-up, YHC informs the PAX, no we will not be going to the parking deck, much to the chagrin of most of the PAX.  We will be traveling south, toward my beloved Apex, by using the traveling jack-webs, a one merkin to three count arm raises.  We start in place for a two count, then head out (up-Up, UP) for the traveling portion of this exercise.

We proceed down Academy street, stopping 4 more times for two rounds of jack webs with ever-increasing arm raises.  We finish in the grass at the back of the park, several mumbles about how they were getting wet and dirty.

Next round of thang had the PAX mosey down the hill, perform increasing numbers of CDDs, then bear crawl back up the hill, turning around at the top and back down again.  We stopped at 5 CDDs and plank-hold at the top.

Next up was the around-the-clock (fountain) exercises, basically 4 different exercises, rotating one hour between each.  Works out to three sets of 4 exercises, this time Q called out irkens, left-right-step-ups, dips, and dirkins, 125 count each.  What Q had not counted on was the fountain being on so the the exercises were done OYO and passed around the “clock”.

Finished finally with the clock of pain, we mosey over across the street to the Arts Center for a round of 7 sevens, bunny-hop up the stairs, 1 burpees, run down the ramps and 6 StarJumps at the bottom.  Up and back until all the PAX are done and we pick up the six.  Finish in a squat hold and perform so warm-up exercises to keep the blood flowing.

Well, we need to head back to the flag so let’s do more traveling jack webs, this time Captain Thor’s, a one-count big boy sit-up with a three count American Hammer.  Back north on Academy St with several stops to increase Thor’s until we get to the church.  Line-up and give it all you got to the flag.  We finish with the last two rounds of Thor’s and since we are on our 6, we break into:


PAX led Mary included Hello Dolly, box cutters, and six-inch leg holds.  Bell tolls 6:30 and time to finish.


Count-a-rama:  14 PAX


  • F3 Dads November 18th
  • Christmas Party December 14th at Bond Brothers
  • Toys-for-Tots charity drive, bring a new unwrapped toy to any AO
  • Soft launch of the new kettlebell workout, Mondays at the DP site
  • 9/11 Stair Climb (Tuesday in 2018)


  • Interesting mumble chatter about the cold and wet, especially around the grassy areas
  • Some PAX can’t do complex math early in the morning, I get it as I can’t either
  • The hill for bear crawls was mostly grassless, which makes YHC wonder if Cary is paying their bills.
  • I would not have thunk the fountain would be on at 6:0) AM.  PAX did a good job of passing the word on
  • Good chatter about having more Mary in the workout, gotta work the core
  • Great site with some many options.

It was an honor to lead you men this morning.

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