Was Now – Insomnia

F3 Cary/Apex <>
Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 9:02 PM

Yep! New job started today. Definitely a good move!
You may or may not want to join me for EC haha, I’m starting at 5am (maybe 5:05) and getting in 4 miles, then will meet back at SnS to mingle until y’all go warm up. Should be…fun?

On February 13th 2017
Callahan got a new job which would make it impossible for him to post to Shakin Not Stirred.  He decided he would come out for an “EC Run” at 0500 instead, run 4 miles, then mingle with the Pax of SNS before the 0545 start.

On February 15th 2017
3 pax set out on what would soon be known as Insomnia.  A sort of half-breed EC / AO.

On November 15th 2017
20, yes you heard, TWENTY.  TWO.  ZERO.  Posted for a new loop we’re calling the #PrestonLoop.

Was it the weather?  Was it FOMO?  Was it because we were doing something new for the first time in 9 months?  Was it because Franklin couldn’t sleep?  I don’t know but it sure was awesome.

When you have an idea and people say, “Hey man, #FreedToLead.”  Do us all a favor and lead it.
Because your little extra credit run could one day become a pretty solid source and strength for someone that needs a little more 1st F or 2nd F or 3rd F.


The Preston Loop on Strava Flyby

One thought on “Was Now – Insomnia

  1. Good lord…I got tired just WATCHING that strava route. Y’all are nuts.

    Also, big thanks to Shut In and Largemouth for not letting me run on my own that first time. Like I say every week (and I mean it down to my core), I couldn’t do it without you guys.


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