Paying Final Respects – 11/11/17

YHC and my co-YHC were honored to Q the final chapter of respect week. At a brisk 30 degrees we so appreciate the 21 PAX who lived through a “day in a life” of a respectee. It looked something like this:

Warm Up

I’ve dropped my teeth and need to find them

Cotton Picker (10x)

Windmills (10x)

Hand Release Merkins (15x)

The Thang

Getting up in the middle of the night

WWII – Jail Break – Summo Squats (20X)

LBCs – suicides

Cashing the Social Security Check at the bank

Get a Rock,  walk with rock overhead – run to bank do – 10 curls, then 10 shoulder press, then 10 skull crushers

I’m Over the hill

7’s or 11’s at the kiosk (merkins and lbcs)

Walker Progression (Stand, Crawl, On Our Knees)

Broad Jump burpees (5x) – Bear Crawl (10x)  – Jack Webbs (6@ 3to1)

Taking the grandkids to the playground

Pullups (20x) and Makhtar N’Diayes (15x)

Bingo (like blimps)

Burpees, incline curb merkins, narrow squats (legs together), goofballs , Outlaws (5X of each)

I’ve Fallen and can’t get up (Mary)

Hello Dolly (15x)

Dying Cockroach (15x)

Have a nice day!

PAX (21, including one FNG)

Free Bird, Shut In, Hi-liter, Default, Run Off (FNG!), Texas Ranger, Fortran, Napster, Burt, Gomer, Bypass, Yoga Mat, Hello Kitty, Hermes, Half, Pierogi, Banjo, Earhart, Term Paper, Grinch, one that we can’t remember – sorry, we’re old!


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