Respect Vesper Q 11/8

Great week of Respects on the Q’s. Very thankful one spot was left open for me to Q. So we circled up and thought about someone dear to us that we have lost, remember the special times together. We then headed out for a nice steady jog,  we cut back into Bond Park on the Greenway. We circled up and did 23 Merkins for Gibson. Now it’s time for some hill work, we did 100% half way up and a nice slow jog back down, we then did full out sprints a few more times. Headed back to the flags for some stretching, the old Respect guys like to stretch. Thanks for all the support and great fellowship.



Michelob, Sooner, Ollie, Freeboard, Jigglypuff, WKRP, Mississippi, HelloKitty, PetSounds, Hermes, Term Paper, CK, Bert, Shut In, Chinese Downhill.


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