Gloom Despair Agony

14 pax. Banjo, CK, Callahan, Chanticleer, Denali, Earhart, Fluoride, Hermetic s, Lite Brite, Ollie, Riptide, Sputnik, Term Paper, missing one, Chop Block?

14 pax and no FNGs for the first morning of real gloom of the season.
We huddle, MC, stay warm, MC, count down the minutes, MC, seconds tick by, MC, and we’re off. Head to the bank for 51 to SSH. Recover on the run to the municipal building parking lot for Imperial Walker, Willie Mays Hayes, mountain climber, calf stretches.
Sound off in 1s and 2s. Mosey to the Rush-Hour flag poles, 1s bear crawl up ramp, 10 Australian pull ups, jog back. 2s AMRAP slow knee to the ground lunges. Repeat x 4.
Recovery on the mosey to the parking deck, ground floor. Up Next, 11s, Burpees at top, monkey humpers at the bottom. 1s start up the stairs with 1 burpee while 2s start with 10 monkey humpers at the bottom. Pick up the six when you’re done.
Couple of rounds of Mary.
Backwards run up the first deck level, helping Sputnik overcome his fear of the backwards run, then 20 merkins.
Indian run back to start.
Mary: Brisket inspired Starjumps ON CADENCE and Lite Brite led merkins.
Announcements: Thanksgiving day convergence at B.O. starts at 7 am. 1 hour long. Extra credit run starts at 6 AM. Turkey bowl 9:30 AM at Weatherstone Elementary. Post Thanksgiving RUCK Friday night at DZ 7 PM 8 miles. F3 dad’s next Saturday 9 AM at Bond Park. South Wake collecting money for turkeys to support Raleigh rescue mission and Healing Transitions. Ma Bell collecting toys for Operation Sweet Tooth. Christmas party Thursday, December 14 at Bond Brothers.
Lots of Prayers
Thank you men for allowing me the stage to share some generosity.

Mumble Chatter

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