Full Metal Jacket

The 1%

In past wars, the war effort was a national effort.  The entire country got behind both world wars and in Vietnam, the draft touched families across this land in all economic groups.  For the war or against the war, the war effort was front and center at family dinner tables coast to coast.  That was then.

For my time in the military, the 80’s, who knew that was relative “peace time” for the American military.  Starting with Gulf War I, this country has been in major conflicts in one part of the world or another for over 20 years.  And, these wars are just as fierce and violent as the jungles of Vietnam, Korea or the two great wars.

But there is one slight difference.  This is not a national effort.  There is no draft.  Families with economic means generally are not volunteering their sons and daughters for military service where the possibility of combat is very real, if not expected.  This is the 1% of America that is carrying this heavy load for the past 20 plus years.  And, before anyone gets riled up, it is not only the economically disadvantaged that step up for service.  There are true patriots that are called to duty putting country in front of self.  All of our service members, regardless of the “how” or “why” they got there, are to be commended for their efforts.

In many cases, just like families that have a history of association with a specific college or profession, many families are military families.  I come from this lineage with the following family members stepping up for service:
Father – Air Force
Sister – Air Force
Brother in Law – Navy Seal – Vietnam
Myself – Army 82nd Airborne Division
Niece – Air Force

So, as we move forward to Veterans Day, I reflect back on my family’s service and am thankful we all survived.  Our service is in the past and complete.  But, more importantly, I think of those who continue to serve in very trying times.  Their future is uncertain and their most difficult times of service may still be in front of them.

I’m extremely thankful for the 1%.

Today’s FMJ workout was not about doing X amount of exercises or getting Y amount of miles in.  It was about a group of brothers competing side by side in friendly competition.  It was also a very small insight into the Army PT test that we competed in every six months.

And, with any competition, there must be winners identified.  Two HIM surfaced after today’s competition and we are to congratulate Hi-Liter and Biner on their stellar, top notch performances.

Hi-Liter won the 25 oz. beer mug and Biner the hat.


  • SSH x 23 IC
  • Sir Fazio x 10 each direction IC
  • Good Morning x 10 IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Pulse Plank Position



  • Push Ups – As many as you can in two minutes
  • Sit Ups – As many as you can in two minutes
  • One-mile run (Normally two-mile run but YHC said NO to this)
  • Cadence run back to parking lot for Mary (thanks Burt for leading Mary as YHC calculated scores)
  • Awards to Hi-Liter and Biner



  • Name-o-rama – 30 HIM all present and accounted for.
  • Announcements
    • Healing Place accepting any forms of running shoes (new or gently used). YHC forgot who the POC is but I’m sure you can ask at any AO.
  • Prayers
    • YHC’s boss going through a terrible time with critically ill wife. Today, 11/7/17, our team received word they were taking her off the heart machine.  There is no way to prepare for this.
  • McCants took us out (great closing McCants)


  • It is amazing to see just how many physically fit HIM men are associated with CARPEX. This ranges from (Hate) 20-year old men to amazingly fit RESPECTs.
  • Thanks to Sooey for:
    • Driving YHC
    • Providing me his phone and recording the cadence run
    • Recording the 30 PAX names
    • Doing various logistic items
    • For getting Starbucks to give us free coffee after he “gently” gave them constructive feedback on their service.


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