Respect week kick-off

9 PAX for Kryptonite and 1 for Rolling Stone showed up at Koka Booth to kick off Carpex Respect Week.  We were greeted by Hermes, playing an old man character by sitting in his patio chair, reading today’s newspaper, and wearing his old-man hat.  If you haven’t seen the hat, just look for any of his selfies on GroupMe.

Ah, Mondays.  You try to start the week off right, but your gastrointestinal system may still be dealing with what you did to it over the weekend.  What a great day to do a 5:30am high intensity workout!  Combine that with the weekend time change (EDT to EST), and it’s no surprise that all this could disrupt the systems of even the most stable and regular PAX.

Warm Up

  • Jog over to large parking lot
  • 20 SSH, IC
  • 15 IW, IC
  • 20 MC, IC
  • 20 Merkins
  • 15 Hillbilles

3 groups of 3-man Indian run along Regency Pkwy and Ederlee Drive up to HCL parking lot.  Mosey across Ederlee to bottom of hill on Avenue of Estates

Thang 1

Jacob’s ladder type routine with:

  • Increasing burpees at the top (1-7)
  • 10 double-count Freddy Mercs each time you come back to bottom
  • Squat hold at the top on your last rep

Back in Indian run group, across Ederlee Drive back onto Regency Pkwy, to the bottom of the hill.

An apparent miscommunication along with 1 or 2 PAX having digestive issues led to a breakup in the group at this point.

Thang 2

  • Backwards run back up the hill – 2 hand-release merkins
  • Return to bottom of hill – 2 jump squats
  • Repeato, adding 2

Running low on time so resume Indian run back to start.  Groups are loosely formed and at least one more PAX hit with internal turmoil.

Return to start to meet up with Bartman (Rolling Stone) and others who found a different way back.  Already over time so no time for Mary.

I believe the site record for distance was set a few weeks ago at 4.5 miles with Largemouth as the Q.  We threatened that today with 4.4 miles according to my watch:


  • Respect week continues with 3 Tuesday workouts tomorrow!


  • Tyson and his family for their unexpected loss.

YHC took us out.  It was an honor to lead this fine group.

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