Rolling Stone

Rucking with the Godfather

The Stone rolled in to Danger Zone this morning and gathered no moss, but rather the Carpex Godfather himself, CK.

We rucked up and moved with purpose, just under a mile to the Verizon parking deck. Once there, we did a favorite ruck workout of mine called AMRAP 20:

  • 20 flutter kicks, ruck overhead
  • Bear crawl 20yd
  • 20 lunges (each leg=1), ruck held out front
  • 20 mericans
  • 20 squats (ruck overhead)
  • 10 burpees
  • Crab walk 20yd
  • 20 monkey humpers
  • Ruck does not touch the ground during entire set.

We did two rounds before it was time to head back. Rucked back to NCP basketball court, and as the main workout was still playing with their balls, we did some nipplers, flutter kicks, American hammers and single-leg deadlifts until Coney called time. We were joined by Largemouth for our short Mary session.


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