Four-Alarm Fire


20 PAX stamped their passports and journeyed ALL THE WAY to DP on a misty, unseasonably-warm morning. YHC kept hearing something about it being a “first Friday,” and therefore cause for an “easier” workout! Yeah, right. Let the beatdown begin.

The Warmup

– Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag
– Jog to the end of the parking lot, painting the lines along the way, run past the “field closed” sign onto the field, circle up.
– Happy Jacks; Abe Vigoda, LBC’s; Crabjacks; Standard Merkins; Imperial Walkers; Squats
– Mixed Run to the Shelter (Backwards Run, Karaoke L&R, Bear Crawl)

The Thang

– The FOUR-ALARM FIRE: Count off into groups of four and work as a four-person squad to…
ALARM #1 – Shoulder Presses x25; ALRSUs (L/R is one) x25; LBCs (4-count) x25; Dirkins x25; Run a Lap
ALARM #2 – OH Claps (4 count) x 20; Squat Jumps x20; Peter Parkers x20; WIDE Grip Merkins x20; Run a Lap
ALARM #3 – Burpees x15; Bobby Hurley x15; Hillbillies (L/R is one) x15; Diamond Merkins x 15; Run a Lap
ALARM #4 – Crab Cakes (L/R is one) x10; Al Gore Hold 60 sec; Am. Hammers (4 count) x10; Irkins x 10; Run a Lap
– From the end of the lot, sprint between the islands, circle up for Mary


– Sweat Angels and Side Plank Star Crunches


– Folded Arm Hang; move to the right and left
– Achilles Stretch left and right
– Sumo Squat Stretch; slow roll up
– Chicken Wing stretch right and left

Heroic work, men!

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