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put that mumble chatter aside and commit to something

November 1st, 2017

One goal, and only one goal- stop the mumble chatter.  Is that really a good goal, or is that a selfish request?  Either way, I am the Q and took on the challenge.  Luckily we had a FNG (welcome Tubeless and thanks Wrangler for bringing him out) which would inspire Burt to get warmed up.  What really got Burt going was seeing the duct tape holding my shoes together.  I do have to say thanks to Chinese Downhill for keeping Burt in line (Despite having to get CD and Grease Monkey to pay attention during our first exercise).  Crimson gave into Burt’s distractions early on- oddly the rest of the PAX were either too tired to chat, or not in a mumble chatter mood.

We started with a count off, our FNG counted properly (unlike “the count” who appears to count in even numbers only…if I could only look at his finances) so we were doing well- 20 PAX strong, an even number and the right amount for what lay ahead.  As we took a jog from the shovel flag and went to the parking lot at the community center the herd of Vesper runners met up with us and we lost Angry Elf (not sure if he went running or back home, but we lost him and it was his decision to leave).  With that out of the way, lets get to work.

The Thang:
Jog to the Community Center
SSH until the PAX were in line
Imperial Walkers x15
Mountain Climbers x15
Merkins x10
Plank while we send Burt to get a big rock
Hammer and Sickle (Russian Hammers while passing a rock around the circle)
4 count Hammer and Sickle
Planks with rock run (each PAX runs around the circle, the rest do):
* Regular
* Low Plank
* Regular
Squat hold while Burt returns the rock
6″ leg hold, 7 count around the circle

Jog out to High house and towards Cary Parkway
Stop at the first streetlight, squat hold until a car passes (30+ seconds)
Jog 2 more stop lights, squat hold until car passes (3 seconds)

Moving into parking lot and grab some curb for:
quick feet x15
curb dips x15
quick feet x20
curb dips x20
lunge walk to next street light (40 yards)

“intermission” – Here is where I break script and move past the 1st F.  As we circle up and the confusion dies down, I call out the challenge of the day:

Take a moment to identify someone in your life with who you would like to strengthen your relationship

After a moment of silence we did a callout around the circle of who we want to strengthen our relationship with.  I will say about half the PAX chose their wives, the other half have a strong healthy relationship with their wives and had many great people to build a better relationship with.

While this was well received, I don’t know if it was the opportunity to recover muscles or if it was a real chance to reflect and share with the PAX- I do know when we continued our 1st F work, it was with renewed energy.

The 2nd Thang:
Lunge, Lunge, Squat, Squat – 40 yards to Cary Parkway
Line up along the sidewalk (why do they make curvy sidewalks in Cary?!)
Plank hold with a few 10 counts
Start jogging back up high house, stop at the last intersection for a squat hold
Repeat every 2 street lights until we are back in Bond Park

At the perfect lawn patch behind the Senior Center- split into two groups (wives and others):
Wives: LBCx15, Homer to Marge x15
Others: Box Jumps x15, Dips x15
flip flop
Jog back to the Shovel Flag

The vesper group was back and while most participated in the last exercises, Hot Spot and Hermes continued their tradition of “catching their breath” after the run.

We wrapped up with Authentically Slow Flutters x20

Remind PAX of the challenge dropped during intermission and to do something about it this week.

Prayers: Many PAX dealing with aging parents, as well as parents battling cancer.  Family and friends expecting children, some which might not live through the pregnancy.

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