Michelob and Hotspot 3 year Postaversary

This year a lot was different from that Monday morning three years ago, when Hotspot and Michelob first posted to F3 and A-team. YHC doesn’t remember the temp, but you can be sure it wasn’t 36 degrees cold! Back then there was only one Monday AO in what was to be known as Carpex. This fine morning in 2017, the only two members of that PAX from three years ago were your site Q’s and your Q’s for the day. Only one other member of the PAX was even in the PAX back then. This isn’t to say that those men are no longer around. What it speaks to instead is the fantastic growth in the past three years. Those men were all spread out amongst the other almost as good Monday AO options.


Cheddar-bo decided to show up, so a few adjustments had to be made on the fly during the drive to the back of the park. 13 Men got ready for a beat down. Off they went.



  • Run the loop
  • 36 SSH IC   
  • Imperial Walkers/Hill Billies/Whatever  IC
  • GM IC
  • Mountain Climbers IC
  • Pike Stretch IC
  • Merkins OMD
  • Hackey Sack IC
  • King David Kick IC

Thang #1 – brought to you by Hotspot

  • Partner up
  • P1 Run the loop
  • P2 Start on the below, trade off after loop, between the two complete:
  • 52 Plank Jack/Star Jump Burpees
  • 52 All Star Burpees


Mosey on toward next exercise, stopping for 12 penalty burpees for fallen shovel flag #siteQfail. Continue mosey into darkness to the bottom of the hill


Thang 2 – brought to you by Michelob

  • Backwards run to top of hill
  • 2 hand-release merkins
  • Run back to bottom of hill
  • 2 star jumps
  • Repeato increasing by 2 each time until 10 reps
  • Plank-o-rama until all in


  • Mosey to basketball court
  • 11 Australian mountain climbers, IC


  • 25 American Hammers, IC
  • 1-legged Homer to Marge IC – 8 each side
  • 15 Heels to Heaven, IC
  • 10 Shakira on each side, IC


Check recently published Carpex Chronicle


WKRP’s wife

Hotspot’s daughter

Hotspot took us out.


-In thang 1 – We missed out on another 52 Special burpees. The goal was to have a number of burpees equal to the number of weeks we were in F3. Instead we settled for the third set to be in monthly increments.

-Apparently 38 degrees still isn’t cold enough for Wilber to wear long sleeves

-Hermes slept through his Kryptonite alarm – something about a late night in Vegas

-Hacky Sack, Australian Mtn Climbers and Shakiras continue to be A-team staples

-There is Garmin Conspiracy for Hotspot to never completely capture his Postaversary on his watch. 2 years in a row, it choked on falling back to Standard Time, this year it was a bad connection to the charger.  #hooray4coQ

It was an honor to lead

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