Flirtin' With Disaster

Halloween Extravaganza (F3 Style)


21 men donned their duds for the most epic beatdown Flirtin’ With Disaster has ever seen on Halloween…..ok, maybe it’s this AO’s first Halloween….but it was still epic.
YHC was a bit worried about how many would show up in costume, since not everyone is on GroupMe, but the PAX didn’t disappoint at all!

Grown men in full costume gathered at the FWD Shovel Flag to ogle at each other.  YHC brought a a few extra costumes for those that “forgot” to wear their own….suckers.  Princess Leah (Flacco) was in charge of the Halloween portal music, and he came through like a champ!
Just as we were about to start, what appeared like an FNG literally came out of the dark woods looking straight outta Deliverance (cut off jorts, awkward askew gait, slightly hunched, aslanted head, mouth agape, messed up teeth, etc….you get the picture).  Dude couldn’t barely talk a lick—-mumbled something about “cudhe” join us.  Ummm…sure.

Jog around the FWD mini circle and to the other FWD bigger circle where the #FWDbigballs are located.  There in the darkness….was the F3 Jack-o-Lantern…all lit up in it’s awesomeness.  We gawked in awe and circled up for a warm-up.  It was time to get #ScaryStrong !!!

Warm-Up  all performed in perfect cadence by YHC:
1.  Ghoul Mornings x 10
2.  Frankenstein Walks x 10
3.  Jumping Jack-o-Lantarns x 20
4.  Dancing Skeleton x 10
5.  Scarecrow arm circles: x 10 forward and x 10 retro
6.  Pumpkin Pickers x 10
7.  #Thriller Burpees  x 10 OYO

Grab the F3 Pumpkin (Ollie) and the Halloween tunes.
Form 2 lines and Mosey to the shopping center across from FWD so we could show the world what they’re missing at F3.

Thang 1:
1.  Grave Diggers:  Each man on a parking space—agility hops to paint the lines, when get to center of parking space x 5 grave digging lunges.  3 sets to dig the grave deeeeep.
2.  Partner Up for parking lot suicides:  ~25 yd and ~75 yd lines.
* Partner 1 runs suicide while Partner 2 performs Zombie Merkins. Flip flop x 2 sets
*  Partner 1 runs suicide while Partner 2 performs Werewolf Burpees. Flip flop 2 sets

Thang 2:
A set of Spider Webbs:  ratios of 2 Spider Mans to 5 Flying Bats:  5 sets.

Grab the punkin’ and the tunes.  Form 2 lines to run back to #FWDbigballs.

Thang 3:
Partner Up for a set of R.I.P.s with trick-or-treating.  Each partner 2 sets.
Partner 1 performs R.I.P.s :  Reverse Lunges, Irkins, Plank Jacks: x 10 until partner returns.
Partner 2 runs from #FWDbigballs to the mini basketball court where there are two jack-o-lantarns, where he reaches in to find an exercise written on a card.  Sprint back to Partner 1 where they both perform x 10 reps of the selected exercise.
Exercises in the jack-o-lanterns:  Goblet Squats, “Boo” Yah! Merkins, #Thriller Burpees.

Jog to FWD Shovel Flag.

Bloody Mary:  2 sets each x 10-15 reps
1.  Witches Brew
2.  Dead Man Rising
3.  Freddie Kruegers

Count-O-Rama:  count-a-rama went well until we got to Billy Ray Deliverance guy (Khakis), who just cocked his head and stared into space.  There were 20 or 21 of us.
Name-O-Rama:  was interesting, with several men giving the name of their character, etc.  (i.e.:  Klemson Tiger (Pierogi) age 7-1,  Nature Boy (Hello Kitty) with a whooooo!, etc…).  Again Deliverance guy just mumbled something unintelligible with his big bucked teeth.

Announcements:  see for all the deets, but F3 Werewolf comes to Bond Park on Saturday starting at 6:30 for 1.5 hour workout, or 7:00 for the 1 hour workout.
Prayers:  Hermes eloquently took us out; safety for all this evening.
Seriously Khaki’s was in character the whole time…like the whole time…even when he went home.  So….
Award Ceremony:
1st Place:  Cooter Khakis;  he wins the F3 Punkin’
2nd Place:  Klempson Tiger Pierogi;  2nd place custom punkin’
3rd Place:  Nature Boy Kitty; 3rd place custom punkin
Worst costume:  Joe Darth Vader Smith:  small custom punkin and a Female Condom Kit

Thanks men, twas a pleasure.



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