F3, Kryptonite

Opposites Attract

13 HIM (FNG Mitchell) got their week started right at Kryptonite this am.  40 degrees.  Clear.  No wind.

Here is what we did:

Warm up

  • Circle up for SSH while we wait on Flouride
  • Run to the large parking lot.
  • Line up for SSH, a miscalled Good Morning, IW etc with a few sprints between light poles (~ 50 yards) included.

Thangs – All in the Parking Lot

  • Set of 22’s – Hand Release Merkins and Jump Squats.  Between the poles.
  • Jacobs Ladder Up to 6 – Man Makers.  Between the poles.
  • 2 Line Indian Run – Back Pax does 3 Burbees, then runs to the front – Set sets of Burbees as we circled the big lot
  • Set of 11’s – Merkins and Jump Knee Tucks.  Between the poles.
  • Mary between the poles.   Mary exercise then run to light pole (about 50 yards) and then another Mary.   Low Fast Flutters, LBC’s, Rosalita, American Hammers, Fred Mercs.
  • Run back to the lot.
  • One final Mary.   Dying Cockroach called by Earheart


  • Welcome Mitchell.   Just know last year he was called Mitch.
  • Needed our other pole (Pierogi as there) this am.
  • Praises for Denali’s 10 year Wedding Anniversery
  • My Twin, Chanticleer, took us out.
  • BTW:  Chanty was a beast this am.   A man among boys.

Always a highlight of my day to lead y’all.   Later.   Make it a great day.

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