Burpee 100

Banjo, Biner, Bogo,  Disco Duck, Goose, Hi-Liter, Ma Bell, Parker, PBX, Pickles, Snots, Water Wings
12 PAX, no FNG’s, 3 headlamps,  4 assorted neon shirts, we’re off. Indian Run to Davis Drive M.S.
Warm-up SSH, Imperial Walker. Sir Fazio arm circles. Mountain climbers. Plank Jack’s. Merkins. Calf stretch. Low plank hold. Pigeon stretch. Recover
Mosey to track
Burpee 100
Timer set at 1 minute repeat.
Run 100 yards
AMRAP burpees till time, keep a talley
Repeat 10 rounds
At least one pax broke 100
Mosey to rear parking lot,  recover with Willy Mays Hayes
Pax break into 3 groups of 4
G1 AMRAP dips
G2 AMRAP pullups with recovery in hanging position
G3 20 cc monkey humpers
Rotate 5x with merkins on last 2 rounds
Recover on Indian run back to park.
Mary. Freddy Mercury  [Parker], LBC Bogo, Homer to Marge [Pickles]
12 pax
Announcements:  @F3_Werewolf launch this Saturday at 0600 Bond Park. H2C. Respect week next week. Thanksgiving day convergence 7 am at BO with EC starting at 0600. RUCK Friday night Nov 24 ~ 8 miles time TBD
Prayers. Disco Duck’ s daughter. Hi-liter’s father’s  recovery.  Water Wings son’s recovery
YHC took us out. Let’s remember we are giving and generous people.
Honor to give back to the F3 community
Coffeeteria followed at CREMA with Disco Duck,  Hi-Liter and YHC.  Great F2 sharing information about or 2.0s and many of the issues they and we face.  Hi-Liter has a great idea for men’s retreat possibly in January to discuss, share,  and pray over beginning a better HIM
This A.O. has so many possibilities including large tire for flipping and two 45 lb weight bars begging to be used.

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