F3, Phoenix

3 Hills

The inspiration for the workout today at Phoenix came from reflecting on the hill of Calvary on which Christ persevered and shed His blood for us on the cross. We took on three hills at Phoenix, and I asked the PAX to think of Him and His sacrifice as they persevered this morning. It was a great time.


One FNG in attendance invited by Malpractice, so gave the disclaimer and then we were off for a little jog through Bond Park to another parking lot.  Warmup consisted of SSH, Merkins, Hill Billy, Mountain climbers, Arm circles.

Next, we did sprints … 4 sets with 5 burpees in-between each set and at the end. Then, we moseyed through the woods with Hi-liter and his headlamp leading the way to the Phoenix Stadium grassy field, where YHC introduced the theme for the workout and introduced the first of three hills to conquer.

The Thang:

1st Hill – we started at the bottom and did a set of 7’s with a bear crawl when going up. Set of 7’s consisted of plank jacks at the top and LBC’s at the bottom. Once all the PAX finished, we moseyed over to the next hill by the lake.

2nd Hill – this one a little steeper. Each PAX member grabbed an ego rock for a set of 7’s with doing 4 count curls at the bottom and 4 count shoulder presses at the top. Yes, each PAX carried a rock up and down the hill. Well, a few rocks ended up rolling down the hill, and almost one PAX  rolled down the hill, but in the end everyone was alright. Once everyone finished, we got rid of the rocks and did an Indian run over to the kiosk for the final hill.

3rd Hill – and the longest. This time the set of 7’s consisted of dips at one end and hand release merkins at the other. Once the PAX finished we circled up for a few core exercises.

We finished off the morning with a billy run back to the flag, a few more core exercises, and have a nice day.


Welcome new PAX member, “Steamer”.

Announcements: Next Saturday, Nov. 4th, Phoenix will start at 6 AM for a 90 minute beat down, convergence. Christmas party sign up will be coming out some time before Christmas, so watch for it.

Prayer / Praise: F3 Expansion into St. Louis, MO, and Austin, TX. Disco Duck appreciated prayers and encouragement for him and his family this week. Prayers for all of us to be better men, fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers.

A great group of guys came out this morning. Thank you for the privilege of leading through the 3 Hills.


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