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The Dirty Dozen

Six HIM showed up for the Kitty-less #meowmile.  Well, five showed up to run, one accidentally showed up early and joined us just to be friendly.  And at the turn-around Kitty made a cameo to say Hello

When we returned our numbers had doubled to an even Dirty Dozen.  Perfect for partnering up.


Hustle around the back of the church and circle up in the tire shop parking lot for side straddle hops, imperial walkers, merkins, plank jacks and Sir Fazio arm twirlies.  Hustle up Chatham to the parking lot outside Annie’s Attic, workplace of the Hottest Chick in Cary (my wife) for more merkins.

The Thang

Hustle over to the hill behind the fountain and partner up for a little Dora 1-2-3 with 100 Turkish get-ups, 200 Carolina dry docks and 300 prisoner squats while your partner runs up the hill and around the fountain.  On the way back stop at each light pole for escalating burpees.  I think Callahan made it to the tenth light pole before we ran out of time.  Back to the church for the Billy run that YHC had to be reminded to call.


Running short on time so circle up for a quick round of LBCs.


Count-a-rama: 12
Name-a-rama: 2 RESPECT,S 8 mehs, 2 HATES
Prayers / Praises: Prayers for Angry Elf’s grandmother for healing and getting home from the hospital quickly, prayers for Jigglypuff’s wife that her relationship with her sister would continue to strengthen, prayers for YHC’s daughter as she struggles to adjust to middle school, praise for the explosive growth of F3Carpex over the past year and the amazing men who have joined our brotherhood.
BOM: YHC took us out


I appreciate all the PAX who have reached out to me while my daughter is struggling.  Some guys with older daughters who have been through the same thing offering guidance, some guys who don’t even have kids but are willing to offer me their ear.  You guys are awesome.  Thank you for letting me lead you guys today.

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