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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss is Really Slippery

3 PAX showed up at FOD this morning with rucks firmly affixed to their backs and great expectations.  Ma Bell announced 0545 and we headed off to find a suitable pull-up locale.  That’s when PBX said if we’d wait a sec he’d join us.  So we waited in a squat hold while he emptied every dumbbell he could find out of his vehicle.  And waited while he attempted to fit every dumbbell he found into his ruck.  And waited while he re-adjusted the straps that apparently had been sized for his Chihuahua.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Since burning thighs are not entirely what I had envisioned for two minutes into the ruck, we headed to the playground for 5 pull-ups each and then picked up PBX on the way out (who was finally ready).

Treating FOD as a giant XXXL four corners, we headed up to the exit for 5 merkins, then down a surprisingly busy Green Level Church road to the next corner for 10 squats and 5 merkins.  Along the way, PBX scouted the turf for us and discovered the recent rains and a 60 degree slope make for poor footing.  The slide down was epic, as was the mud stain on his Highlighter-approved yellow shirt.  His exasperated comment, “Man, now I have to wash this shirt” makes me wonder why a 4.5 mile EC run and 45 minute ruck wouldn’t have already necessitated the aforementioned washing.  At least it helped me title this post.  Anyway, Bartman regaled us with tales of backpack wearing hooligans which may or may not influence how 4 random dudes are perceived walking through a neighborhood wearing rucks at 0610. Thankfully, there was no need to explain ourselves to the law…this time.  After walking by a second rock pile, I could no longer resist.  We stopped for three sets of 10x curls, presses, and tricep extensions.  Back in the Tommy B, we island hopped on the double-time with 5x monkey humpers at each island, 10 squats and 5 merkins at the end.  Next stop was the baseball for some happy feet and two-at-a-time stair climbing.  Back to the pull-ups (since PBX missed out the first round) for another five each.  We had just selected our next set of rocks when Ma Bell arrived with some very tired looking PAX and invited us to Mary.  After 3×10 rockrows, we obliged him.  And so the Rolling Stone came to rest…for now

To answer Kilmer’s question, PAX ruck for the same reason they do the Odyssey or show up to any random weekday workout: it’s a challenge – a way to push yourself in a new and uncomfortable direction.  More importantly, it’s another way to spend quality time with some of the awesome men of Carpex, in a conversation-friendly format to boot.


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