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YHC hails from Generation X. Gen X?! We tried to name ourselves…colossal failure. Remember when George Costanza tried to name himself, “T-Bone?” Bad idea, “Co Co the Monkey.” Kobe, “The Black Mamba?” Really?! We received a key reminder today at FWD – #Don’tNameYourself. Let’s start that trending…

Oh – we also learned about teamwork. EveryTHANG we did today hinged upon working together and cheering on our teammates. We are better together.

The Warmup

– Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag
– Run to the back of the shopping center lot
– SSH, Cotton Picker, Crab Jack, LBC, Penalty Burpee, Zebra Butt Kicker, Imperial Walker
– Mosey to the playground

The Thang

– So, why do they call Millennials, Millennials? B/C they were born in or after the year 2000. As a team, the 20 HIM who joined YHC this morning set out to complete no less than 2000 exercises.
– From a quiet spot by the playground, complete 100x: SSH, Jump Lunges, Wide Grip Merkins, Scissors, Mtn. Climbers, Sumo Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, LBC’s. First man in the PAX to complete 100 reps calls out. When he calls out, we all stop and run 100 yards around the circle alternating backwards run and karaoke while weaving in and out of the concrete PYLONS. Ultimately, with 1000 yards of running and 1000 reps, complete the Millennial.

The Thang 2

– Partner up for Sevens.
– Wheelbarrow from one side of the lot to the other, do Crab Cakes. Empty wheelbarrow to the other side, do Diamond Merkins. Flapjack. Complete your team sevens. Pick up the six.


– Boxcutters, Dying Cockroaches.
– Three heats of Billy Run to the flag, end right on time.


– Welcome FNG, Gretzky! … I mean, Harding! #Don’tNameYourself

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