Dante's Peak

10 10 Road of Hard Knocks

  • When: Oct 20th, 2017
  • QIC: Free Bird
  • The PAX: GTL, Sour Mash, Ascot, Hot Spot, Malpractice, Kabota, Grease Monkey, Khakis, Monkey Nut, Bogo, Snots, Franklin, Blue print, Nature Boy, Red Ryder, PBX,Wilbur, Old Maid, Free bird

When I posted the twitter pre blast warning of “devastation”, I thought it would just be another Twitter scare tactic. Then, when pulling into Dante’s 10 minutes before start, no one was around.  I thought to myself, “wow”, everyone took that Tweet seriously last night.  All the sudden, here they come.  Two minutes before start time and the whole PAX rolls up as one unit.  It literally went from no one to all 18 in a matter of 1 minute it seemed.  Despite the odd arrival phenomenon, the coin toss went to the good guys, so no devastation, just hard knocks.

Warm Up

Good mornings

Side Straddle Hops

Mtn Climbers

The Thang

Indian Run about 1/2 mile over the far parking lot for some wheel of fortune.

RUN A LAP AFTER EACH EXERCISE : Lap was the amphitheater trail for walk in visitors, which was probably 1/8 mile each pass (some uphill)

  1.  10 reps of Carolina Dry Docks :….run a lap
  2. 20 reps of Burpees:…..run a lap
  3. 30 reps of Box Jumps:…..run a lap
  4. 40 reps of Merkins:…..run a lap
  5. 50 reps of Squats:…run a lap
  6. 60 reps of WWII:….run a lap
  7. 70 reps of SSH:….run a lap
  8. 80 reps of LBC:…run a lap
  9. 90 reps of Lunges:… run a lap

We did not get to finish the last 100 count set of flutter kicks.


1/2 mile Indian run back

We got nearly 2.5 miles total today during the post.



Count-a-rama:  19 PAX


  • Krispy Crème Challenge sign-ups, ask someone
  • Christmas party Bond Bros Dec 14th


  • Safe Travels
  • Tuna Participants
  • Knee Injuries of the PAX



  • Franklin almost passed Grease on two or three laps, I swear he is posting in North Raleigh during the week
  • It was dark.  I had plans for the field if devastation occurred, and that would have been challenging in this gloom today
  • Runners showed up today (old maid, hot spot, grease, Khakis, sour mash)  Good timing
  • Good to see nature boy


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.

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