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The Tortoise at the Bond

  • When: Oct 18th, 2017
  • QIC: Earhart
  • The PAX: Disco Duck, Captain Kirk, Bocephus, Ascot, Term Pappy, Napster, WWW, Spartan, Texas Ranger, Crimson, Sooey, YHC Earhart

A special occasion such as the breaking bread ceremony gave us an opportunity to converge the Wednesday workouts together at Bond Park.  A few hundred PAX (OK I exaggerate)  gathered in the gloom, some running in from Insomnia, some gathering for the normal SNS workout and some for the Vesper running.  I see familiar faces and gather the PAX for a Tortoise workout at Bond Park.  We gather together, mosey, stay together and head toward the back parking lot and circle-up for:

Warm Up

Good mornings

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers

Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Done with the warmup, we head dow to the back parking lot, what at this time I called the parking lot of pain!  We start our pain tour with 4-corners escalator, an ascending exercise of 10 merkins, 20 star-jumps, 30 plank jack, and 40 squats.  Each corner you add another exercise until at the fourth one you are doing all the pain.  Since we are at the top of the escalator, we head back down, going backwards ending with 10 merkins back at the starting point.  We plank hold until all the PAX had finished descending the escalator.

Next round of thang, we go over to the rock pile, Q instructing PAX to get an ego rock and circle up.  3 rounds of various rock exercises, curls, overhead presses, lat extensions, and rock rows, rotating rocks between sets.  Put the rocks back and mosey over to the small shelter.

Third round of parking lot pain is shelter work, alternating between irkins, dirkins, left-right step-ups, and dips.  We perform 3 rounds of these exercises with a slow mosey around part of the parking lot in between.  Finished with the shelter and the lower parking lot, we mosey back toward the Senior Center.

We stop briefly for some burpees (what is Tortoise without burpees) and then head into the gloom for a trail run before heading back into the senior center for:


The crowd had gathered from the various workouts and Q tried to get some of the PAX to perform some Mary exercises.  Some did participate and so we called some LBCs, Freddie mercs, and Bartman jumped in for about 50 hammers.  Bell tolls a little after 6:30 and we are done.


Count-a-rama:  12 PAX


  • F3 Dads October 20th
  • Christmas Party December 14th at Bond Park
  • New AO, TBD, to be launched at Mill Creek launching October 26th.
  • 9/11 Stair Climb (Tuesday in 2018)


  • Fun to bring the regular tortoise gang to Bond park, a great AO just way too crowded for a normal F3 workout.
  • Captain Kirk’s ego was way bigger than the rock he chose, having to put it back once he realized he could not get it above his head.
  • Fun to have the parking lot to ourselves and good number to perform all the exercises
  • Q will be glad to go back to Tortoise, too many PAX at Bond
  • Great speech by Shut-In and great event to participate in


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.



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