Fitness, Shakin Not Stirred

How quickly..

How quickly things change. Last week, Gloom temperatures were in the 70’s and humid. This morning the PAX broke out the long sleeves and sweatshirts (some of them, anyway) for temps starting with a “4.” And that’s Freedom degrees, not in some commie temperature.

The Tortoises crew had made the journey north in order to partake of the 2nd/3rdF after the workout (more on this later), so go time was even more of a goat rodeo than normal at SnS. The PAX selected their adventure (all run, some run, not much run) and off we went.

The SnS blob-of-man made its way to the Community Center lot and picked up a wayward Denali along the way. Something about a snooze button edition of Insomina.


  • SSH x25 (had to keep going until the Nan’tan got his fancy wrist computer working)
  • GM x10
  • IW x15
  • Merican x20
  • MC x20 IC
  • Arm-o-rama: Sir Fazio x10 forward, overhead clap x10, Fazio Sir x10, seal clap x10,  Moroccan nightclub x10

Thang one

  • Partner up and catch-me-if-you can to the big shelter. 10 mericans every time you get caught.
  • Grab some bench and: ALRSU x20, Irkin x15, Dip x15, Derkin x15. Repeato 20/10/10/10.

Thang two

  • Mosey to boathouse lot for two rounds of 4 corners around the parking lot
  • Round 1:
    • 10 Mericans, run to next corner
    • 15 jump squat, 10 merican, bear crawl to next corner
    • 20 flutter kicks, 4-count (like you had to ask), etc.. run to next corner
    • 25 CDD, etc, bear crawl back to the start.
  • Round 2:
    • 5 burpees, run to next corner
    • 10 hand-release mericans, 5 burpees, lunge walk to next corner
    • 15 jump lunges (each leg is 1), etc.. run to corner
    • 20 LBC, etc.. lunge walk.

Double IR back to Billy Run Road. Our IR discipline broke down once we climbed the big hill. Something to improve on next time.

Three ranks of Billy Run back to the flag, where we met the Tortoises crew finishing up Mary. Or so they thought. They needed two more exercises:

  • 40 American Hammer
  • 23 Mericans. Good form.


BOM. How quickly things change. We were looking forward to CD’s testimony today, yet he was called to Charlotte for a much higher purpose. We can’t begin to imagine The Shore’s family and how their world has been turned upside-down in the past week. How quickly..

Galatians 6:6 says “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Today’s prayer is that we can be there to bear the burdens of others, but also to feel free to unburden ourselves to those around us who can draw upon the Holy Spirit to provide comfort and peace.

2ndF. How quickly things change. Just a year ago Carpex was still under the Raleigh umbrella, was just growing into one workout per day, and seeing ~20s PAX post per day. Here we are with 57 on one day across three workouts, with more on the way. And guys like Pet Sounds, Shut-in and Water Wings heading downrange to give it away, so that a year from now another region can look back and marvel at how quickly things change.


Great to see Yoda, Tuba, Drysdale and Bookman from beyond the beige wall. Aye!

PBX posted without sleeves, but Ma Bell’s guns were partially clothed?! Wat?

Burt’s book bag filled with what I assume was helium was a nice touch. #needsmorepatches

I’m calling Moroccan Nightclub from now on just to see Hello Kitty’s form.

Okay, I was probably going to call it anyway.

Nice work, men.




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