A Great Weather Day for RH

  • When: Oct 17th, 2017
  • QIC: Earhart
  • The PAX: Disco Duck, Captain Kirk, YHC Earhart

I gather for a great weather afternoon in downtown Cary for my next Q of Rush Hour.  First up was Captain Kirk, someone I don’t normally post with so was good to see him.  Lastly, Disco rolls in and plants the flag.  5:45 rings and we take off around the parking lot, heading in the opposite direction of the parking deck (NO PAIN STICKS!!!).  We stop by a curb for some quick feet then move around the corner and circle-up for:

Warm Up

Good mornings afternoons

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers



The Thang

Done with the warmup, we start a modified catch-me-if-you-can with two PAX dropping for 10 merkins while one PAX moseys ahead.  We stop at the first intersection and perform squats.  We then continue on through downtown Cary toward the fountain, performing star-jumps, more squats, merkins, and finishing with burpee light poles, finishing with 8 reps.

At the fountain, Q breaks out the clock workout, where the PAX move around the fountain performing an exercise at each clock number.  The order was irkins, left-right-step-ups, dirkins, and dips.  The clock face works out the PAX for three reps each.  Best part, we were working out in front of the Camp Gladiator workout, showing them what a real workout looks like.

Finished with our clock workout we mosey to the Arts building, stopping at the intersection for monkey humpers waiting on the cross signal.  At the arts center, we perform 7s, bunny hop up the stairs for 6 star jumps, and 1 squat jump at the bottom.  Reapto until we are finished at the bottom.

Time to head back, so we start a three-man indian run back to the parking lot, stopping at several intersections to perform mucho-chesto, 5 reps of various merkins including regular, wide, diamond, left front, right front.  Much gasping and lack of mumble chatter told me we were doing great.

We stop briefly for some more SSHs and some squats before heading to the grassy nole by the fountain for:


With 5 minutes to spare, we perform some various Mary exercises including freddy mercuries, low-slow flutters, LBCs, and finish with crowd favorite homer-to-marge, this time with one leg raised.  Bell tolls 6:30 and we are done.


Count-a-rama:  3 PAX


  • F3 Dads October 20th
  • Christmas Party December 14th at Bond Park
  • New AO, TBD, to be launched at Mill Creek launching October 26th.
  • 9/11 Stair Climb (Tuesday in 2018)




  • Good to see Captain Kirk post. He brings great energy and enthusiasm to the workout
  • Captain was willing to call out the ghost of Gary at the arts Center, maybe next time
  • Good to see a random gathering of individuals for the Gladiator. I never really saw them working out, mostly mingling and wasting their money and time.
  • Hello Kitty and Rey mad an appearance after Mary, where Rey called out down while we all performed three burpees. Great kid and obviously takes after her mother.
  • Q completely forgot COT and had to be reminded by Captain! Penalty burpees for me


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.


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