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Autumn Arrives

YHC was excited for my first Q at Flirtin’ With Disaster and arrived early to scope things out.  Some plans had to change when I realized how incredibly dark the park is.  And after what seemed like two weeks of sauna like weather it finally starsted to feel like October.  I may have been the only one out there who prefers the sauna like conditions.

Warm-up – Mosey over to the park parking lot and take an extra lap just to get the blood flowing, followed by side straddle hops, imperial walkers, merkins and plank jacks.

Thang – Mosey out of the park to Cary Parkway for some Route 66 up the hill, stopping at the first light pole for a carolina dry dock, and increasing the reps by one at each subsequent light pole.  Good fortune, not good math or planning, had us stopping before the exit onto US-1.  Head back down switching CDDs for sumo squats.  We enjoyed that so much we did it again, with merkins on the way up and imperial walkers on the way down.

Mary – Running out of time, so we circled up in the parking lot for ten burpees, well below the 150 McCants dished out recently, but don’t think I’ve forgotten where the bar is set now.

COT – Announcements, F3 Christmas Party at Bond Brothers December 14th, F3 Dads at Bond Park 0900 this Saturday, prayers for Blue n Out’s friend Ray who just went through chemotherapy and is set to receive a bone marrow transplant, praises for Angry Elf and Hermes and other dads and kids who had an unoffial F3 workout this weekend at Camp Kanata.

NMS – Welcome FNG Greenbow who heard about us on the Art of Manliness podcast.  Running up and down that hill a couple of times was tough, but he got through it.  He was the six most of the morning and it was great to see picking him up.  That’s the kind of stuff that brings guys back.  Thanks for letting me lead this fine group of men.

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