Field of Dreams

We Did it All

Best way to kick off your birthday (unless you’re off on an exotic getaway) is to Q!
This year I just so happen to get one of my favorite AOs, FOD, on one of my favorite fall weather type of mornings.  Things were lining up perfectly for me to put it to the Pax.  My Twitter #PreBlast said we’d be moving today and move we did.  We did it all.

16 men, most in shorts, one in white tights, were ready to go as the watch struck 0545


  • Stay put for 36 bday SSHs and 36 Standard Merkins.  More #RESPECT for you Qs that make us do 50 of those bad boys.  I literally couldn’t do a 37th if I tried.  Scared for next year…
  • Ran around the bend to the front hill for a couple more warmups – Arm Circles and Squats

The Thang

Partner Bear Crawl the Medians  –  Just to have an accountability partner as you bear crawl the length of the medians and mosey the gaps…there are a LOT of medians.  Quick feet when you get to the end
Leap Frog Broad Jump Burpees  –  P1 does a broad jump burpee, P2 walks up to that point and does his BJB.  Continue to flapjack until you reach the end of the short end of the parking lot.
Partner Bear Crawl / Lung Walk  –  Now heading down the back straightaway P1 bear crawl median, P2 lunge walk it, flapjack each median.  Quick feet when you get to the end.

Monkey Hump Pole Work  –  Run back towards the rock pile stopping at each light pole on your left for a single count increasing rep monkey humper.  We ended at 14 but I wanted a better final number so we ran to the next as a team and did 15.

3 Sets of 36  –  To the picnic shelter where each partner does the following – 36 Urkins / 36 dips / 36 single count ALRSU.  While one partner works on that the other hangs on the rafter and performs a mid air Freddy Mercury and you flapjack when needed until you both knock out all of your reps.

Rock Suicides  –  I wanted to bring back a sucky thing we did in the past.  I thought Large brought it to us but Callahan said he was the genius behind this first exercise.  We did 3 different exercises while the other partner did a 4 part suicide.
1.  Rock Plank – Plank with the rock on your back (Thanks Callahan.  No thanks Large.)
2.  Rock curls
3.  People’s Chair with rock on lap

Signature Move  –  I’m making it official now.  Australian Mountain Climbers is now my official #SignatureMove.  We did 36 of em, surprised?

American Hammers  –  To close out the workout and with time expiring we did 20 American Hammers (due to time contraints)

So yeah, we did all of it.  From bear crawls to rock work to standard merkins to burpees to pole work to bench work to sprints, etc etc etc.  Good stuff.


Prayers – The Shore and CD traveling there to provide comfort and support.

Announcements  –


  • Nature Boy with the fashion faux pas…no white after Labor Day bro.  Even if they are extremely extremely tight camo spandex tights…
  • “Where’s Franklin?”  “He’s…” – you had to be there
  • Biner chasing now Hi-Liter on the pole run for the win!  #Respect
  • Let’s bring back hanging ab work sometime.  Under utilized I think.
  • 16 is about the perfect number to Q
  • If you are sharing a rock with a partner never go for Airbag or Parker.  They define rocks as boulders.
  • Sky and Ma ran in to the beatdown.  I hope they hated the run back.
  • I used “And” as my cadence counter b/c “down” was an incorrect movement.  Was definitely unsure how to say it.  Katniss said “Starting position, move.  On my And”.  Which is a strange sentence but I think that’s probably right.  #QSchooled
  • In closing prayer I think I said something like the workout was the best part of my birthday.  I’d like to clarify I more meant best way to start my bday…Don’t get a big head.
  • Great post COT convo with Beaker, Callahan, and Parker.  We’re just dads trying to navigate the world and raise up them kids right.  Good stuff fellas.
  • OK off to bday dinner at Nordstrom cafe, yes you read that correctly, try it before you knock it.


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