Fitness, Kryptonite

Accidental 4.4

12 PAX this morning for YHCs first Kryptonite Q.  Excited for my drive chance to take the wheel of this one, we nearly ran the tires off.  No FNGs, 5:30- Let’s go.

Jog to the lakeside tent for 20 SSH, 10 GMs, 20 PJs, 10 IWs, 20 Mtn Climbers, 20 Merkins.

The Thang:
Split into teams of 4.  Indian run to the other side of the lake, shorter – lit way.
At the bottom of the hill, head to the top, stopping at each light pole for 10 star jumps.

Turn into the Avenue of the Estates.  10 merkins, run down to Richelieu 10 CDDs, up Richelieu to Ederlee for 10 merkins.  Repeato back around the U 2 more times.  YHC is not doing this part justice, the run was long and steep.

After the 3rd U, hold for the six with 15 PJs, 15 GMs.  Back in your Indian run teams and head down Regency Parkway.  Stop at Half’s favorite parking lot for a quick set of 5’s.  Top of the hill 4 hand release merkins, bottom 1 burpee.  More success on this hill under YHC’s leadership than last weeks Q, just sayin.

Back in Indian run teams and return to the shovel flag.

Mary:  None, it is already 6:16.

Still 12, name-o-rama.
Announcements:  Bread breaking and convergence at Bond Wednesday morning.  TBD next Thursday.
Praise:  Term Pappy’s granddaughter.
Prayers:  Earhart travels to Seattle for funeral and healing for the family, Charlotte brother The Shore on the loss of his 2.0,  Grease’s grandfather recovery from a fall, and Grease’s M travel to ATL to see doc.
YHC took us out.

– YHC did not set out to break the Kryptonite distance record…………but alas it happened, 4.4 miles.  I believe the previous record was 4.2 or 4.3……………so congratulations everyone!!!  Take tomorrow off.
– Saturday at Phoenix we did not leave the parking lot, so running was needed.
– OH yea, Earhart- that one was for Tecumseh.  He said to pay you back for missing Phoenix.
– Thankfully we mixed in a few merkins and stuff so it can still be classified as high tempo boot camp workout.
– When we split the 12 PAX into 4 man Indian run groups, YHC and the only 3 math proficient quickly formed a team – then watched as the remaining 8 PAX stood around tried to figure how to make it work………… 2 teams of 3 and one team of 2………….no wait, a team of 5 and a team of 3……….no no no 2 teams of 2, a team of 3 and a solo runner…….dang common core math got y’all all screwed up.
– If it weren’t for this delay we may have hit 5 miles.
– Shut-in finally stopped ducking my Qs.
– Denali accused YHC, going Riptide with 2 Qs in 2 weeks……..I would still be about 3 Qs short by Riptide standards.
– Like Rip always says-If you can’t Q it, don’t go.
– Grease doesn’t complain, he is just playing mind games with you, getting in your head.
– Very strong group this morning, a lesser group would have never made it.

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