Dante's Peak

Happy Birthday Dante’s Peak!

  • When: Oct 13th, 2017
  • QIC: Earhart
  • The PAX: Wilbur, Bocephus, BOGO, Parker, Crimson, Freebird, Sooey, Shut-In, Malpractice, Monkey Nut, Hot Spot, GTL, Snots, Water Wings, Imp, Sooner, Spitvalve (Raleigh), YHC Earhart

Can’t believe it has been a year since Shut-In and I launched Dante’s Peak. It took me a while to get the site going as it was the first site where we doubled up with Danger Zone.  The PAX were resistant to adding another site, dividing Carpex on the same day, but I am glad we did.  We get on a regular basis 18-20 PAX to post every Friday in the gloom and, even better, have brought more HIM into the Carpex family including my co-site Q Monkey Nut, Kubota, Wonderland, Bocephus, and others.  Anyway enough reminiscing and on with why we are here, the beatdown.  In honor of the anniversary, YHC decided to take the PAX on a tour of the overall park, varying the different stops with different exercises.  17 PAX gather at the flag and, as 5:45 rings, we head out and down to the usual circle for:

Warm Up

Good mornings

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers


Overhead Claps

The Thang

Done with the warmup, we follow a female jogger up the trail (not creepy) for some jack webs, Earhart traveling style with a 1:3 ratio.  We head up the hill, mixing in a backwards run because I was bored, and stop 4 more times increasing the number of merkins and arm raises until we finish at the basketball court and circle up.

Q divides the PAX in half, more efficient than 1’s and 2’s and calls on one group to perform BTTW while the other group does suicides.  Flap-jack, with round two people’s chair with more suicides.  Finish up there then call indian run to the back parking lot, at what some considered too slow a pace for the exercise.  At least we all stayed together.

At the back parking lot, Q calls for progressive burpees at each light pole, finishing with 7 burpees at the back of the parking area.  Squat hold until everyone is finished then mosey down to the small shelter.

In the shelter, we perform two sets of irkins, left-right step-ups, dips, and dirkins.  Q forgot to call starting position (when is the next Q school?) but the PAX did figure it out, for the most part.  Finish up and mosey down to the amphitheater, showing off the motion-sensor lighting YHC had installed earlier this year.

In the amphitheater, we circle up and perform sumo squats, plank jacks, and (hold it Snots), mountain climbers.  Ok, now you can recover Snots (and everyone else as well).  Off to the rock pile running around Lake F3 as part of the tour.

Q instructs PAX to get an ego rock and circle up.  Some took ego a little too strongly, having to drag their rock over to the circle.  We perform three sets of curls, overhead presses, lat extensions, and rock-rows, rotating twice so that we could share in other’s ego.  Finish up and put the rocks back, mosey to bridge and ,as is the tradition at DP, bear crawl up the bridge.

Lunge walk until all the PAX have had their fun with the bear crawl then mosey up to the flag and circle up for:


With less than 5 minutes to spare, we perform some various Mary exercises including freddy mercuries, low-slow flutters, LBCs, and finish with crowd favorite homer-to-marge, this time with one leg raised.  Bell tolls 6:30 and we are done.


Count-a-rama:  18 PAX


  • Krispy Crème Challenge sign-ups, big discounts tomorrow only. $20.
  • Triple-down October 14th in Raleigh at the Crick
  • Christmas party announcement coming in the next couple of weeks
  • New AO, TBD, to be launched at Mill Creek launching October 26th.
  • 9/11 Stair Climb (Tuesday in 2018)


  • The tour did not include the tennis courts, the soccer fields (some mumble about tunnel of love), or the sand volleyball courts. I will leave those to other Q’s to have fun with.
  • Forgot to use proper Q form in all exercises but promise to do better
  • Nice to see the regulars out although we were missing some for the anniversary
  • Can’t believe it has been a year!


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.

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