Field of Dreams

Happy Birthday Swim Goose

Yep, the long 49 year is over and I’m bludgeoning my way into Respect territory (none collected, but hope to earn some over time!) 16 PAX assembled in the unfathomably humid but not so gloom…since TOC thoughtfully lit the baseball field for YHC’s birthday!

(Proper) Warm-Up
Lap around the parking lot, 50 SSH, 10 Windmill, 10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles F/R, 15 Mountain Climbers

Thang 1 – Partners – Dora 123 – Merkins/LBC/Squats alternating partners w laps around the parking lot

Thang 2 – Mosey to the soccerfield – spread out on the sideline
Several cycles of crossing the field & return with a different excercise at each stage:
– Half way accross: Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Crab Walk, Gorrilla Hop, Lunge Walk
– Run the rest of the way to the far sideline
– 10 count of: Wide Grip Merkins, Offset Merkins Left Arm High, Offset Merkins Right Arm High
– Backwards run to the original side of the field
– 10 count of: LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutters (continue till all PAX are back are done with their 10)
Repeato moving on the the next excercise in the sequence
After every 2nd cycle & at finish:
– Run – Start half speed, 3/4 speed at mid-field, full tilt at far sideline – 10 Squats
– Backward Run to return
Somewhere in the middle – one more set of 50 SSH!

Mosey back to BBall court
15 Boxcutters
Recover, Recover, Recover

Thanks for helping YHC get over the line fellas!

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