Fitness, Flirtin' With Disaster

Continued Odyessy Recovery

14 PAX gathered in the swampy pit of Marla Dorrel Park this July October morning.  With the temp at 75 and the humidity at 132%, everyone worked up a good sweat walking from their cars to the shovel flag.  Most were relatively early this morning, YHC assumed that spirits were high with anticipation.  5:45, time to crush the spirits.

Jog around the parking lot, weaving the Target balls and then across the street to the shopping center parking lot.
Circle up for: 20 SSH, 10 GM, 20 Plank Jacks, 10 IW, 20 Mtn Climbers, 20 Merkins.

The Thang:
Starting at the ABC Store, running north on Cary Parkway.  Stop at every light pole (functional or not) for 5 hand-release merkins.  Continue to the US-1 on ramp.  Hold for the six, 30 squats IC.

Back down the hill and across the street to the office complex.  Partner up.  Starting at the bottom of the parking lot, P1 – burpee-broad-jumps headed up the hill, P2 – runs around the island until you catch P1.  Flap jack.  Repeato.  Hold for the six, 10 plank jack, 10 mnt climbers, 10 merkins.

Still with your partner, head to one of the random office buildings in this complex.  Partners run in opposite directions around the building, every time you meet, 5 bropees (TM Shut-In).  Continue until you total 30 Bropees.  Hold for 20 LBCs.

Run back to the flag.

20 Freddy Merc
20 Box cutters

Count = 14.  One RESPECT.
Announcements: Lunch with Burt scheduled for this week, has been postponed.  Triple Down is Saturday October 14th –
Prayers:  Continued prayers for M Pickles cousin as they wait to hear about the effectiveness of cancer treatments.
YHC took us out.
Thanks for allowing me to lead.

 – It was warm and soupy this morning.
– So much for Odyessy recovery, guess we have already started training to 2018 CSAUP.
– The humidity was out of control today.
– We had another encounter with fire ants this morning.  It is starting to be kinda our thing.  Maybe next shirt design idea.
– YHC told the PAX about how Shut-In trademarked the Bropee with The Nation.  Disappointed that the new site no longer gives credit.
– Almost forgot to mention, it was a little sticky this AM.
– Great group this morning.  I believe it was the premium mix of mumble chatter and hard work.

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