14 Pax shook off The Odyssey hangover and took to a high tempo beatdown by YHC.  (Here’s our Strava from Michelob)

Some chatter on Twitter last night meant when YHC saw a white honda stroll in to the parking lot right after 0545, he wasn’t waiting…

(Un)fortunately we have some HIMs in our region that waited on FF and brought him to our warmup spot.  It was definitely the first time I’ve had to call an exercise while we wait on the 6 to get to the warm up circle haha!

Warmup:  SSH, GM, Arm Circles, Overhead Claps, and some more jogging to our 1st destination.

Thang 1:  We halted at the office building on the right side of Regency down past the end of the Kokabooth parking.
We also passed by a rival workout with mats and weights!?

  • Paint the lines – 12 parking spots, HRM (Hand Release Merkin) at the top of each spot.  Rinse/Repeat x 3 – pack leaders also knocked out 50 American Hammers while the 6 gathers.

Thang 2:  Slowsey to the parking lot hill.  Half relived memories of his FNG post when YHC took the Krypto boys here.  Not sure we’ve been back since.

  • Jacob’s Ladder (by Qs definition) – Burpees at the bottom, Monkey Humpers at the top.  Ex:  1 MH, run down, 2 Burpees, run up, 3 MHs, run down, 4 Burpees.  The misQmmunication was some guys ran the ladder with same number at top and bottom 1 and 1, then 2 and 2, etc.  Either way work was getting done.  Angry Shut-In was maybe just a 5 out of 10 on the scale.  #WorkingOnIt
  • Again the pack leaders knocked out 50 LBCs while the 6 gathered.

Thang 3:  Run out of the office park and hang a right (left is back to the flag.  Guys were not pleased with this).  Get to the greenway and partner up. YHC looked on Google Earth and saw this stretch of greenway would be perfect for some partner work.

  • P1 – Lunge Walk  /  P2 – Run to end of greenway section and do 5 Diamond Merkins, run back to P1 and take over his lunges while he goes.
  • YHC called an audible when time was running short and the greenway was running long.  We stopped at the light pole instead of end of greenway.  The error occured when we returned and didn’t quite relay that message to the P1s very well.  It was a bit of a cluster again but again we were working our bodies so all is well!

Indian Run back stopping for 20 wide grip merkins and 20 V-ups with an AYG to the flag.


Praises for very successful Odyssey and SAG crew making it possible!!
Prayers for Swag and family!
2nd/3rd F post-SNS gathers AND  2nd F Lunch all on October 18th. for more info

2 thoughts on “mis-Q-mmunication

  1. flipflopcarpex

    Geeeez Shut-In, you didn’t have to add that in the BB. I mean, I apologized to you and the group!—and then you still throw me under the mini-van (Odyssey reference). Thanks to Burt, TP, and CD for waiting on me.
    Now, in an attempt to deflect the negative press off me, there was no misQmmunication from you——feel free to edit your BB to include that LargeMouth and Earhart can’t follow directions and thus only performed half the work as the rest of us.


    • Hahaha! I didn’t say any names man. I kept it anonymous on here 😉

      It was a great morning. Hope I didn’t ruin your entire day with a little payback. My triceps are shot and I know it’s from your tennis court Q so I’m not really sorry to keep piling on you today.

      Liked by 1 person

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