Bounty Hunters

Little of this, little of that

Rumors were amidst the PAX this morning that there had been some Q shopping to avoid another Benchmark day with YHC. Dismayed as they were, YHC decided to save for a later time, thanks to the beat down given by Shank and McCants on opening day for Full Metal Jacket., AKA The Murph.

Mosey west on Hunter Street to the Baucom Elementary bus parking lot for some SSH, Merkins,  calf stretches, and good mornings.

Tclaps to Snots to post late to the AO and still find the PAX almost half a mile away.

Mosey to the playground and split into 3 groups.
4 circuits on the following for each group:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Monkey Humpers
5 Pull-Ups
10 Monkey Humpers
Bear crawl halfway around the edge of the playground
lunge walk the second half around the playground

Mosey to Hinton St aka The Hill. PAX completed 4 trips down and back up the hill with 5 Burpees at the bottom and 10 Star Jumps at the top.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for a little Mary to wrap things up.


Please pray for my close friends and business partner Jesse, his wife Lindsay is 30 weeks along with a baby with anencephaly. Her name is Rebecca Joy and her time on earth will be very short since her will not be able to sustain life outside the womb. It’s heartbreaking to see them walk through this trial, but encouraging to see how their walk with God has grown immensely in the wake of tragedy.

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