Bounty Hunters

BH Benchmark Day!

YHC decided that since no pounds have been shed in about 4 months, there has to be another way to measure my F3 fitness quotient….

On this fine August morning the 19 PAX headed west on Hunter St to the Bladestone Ct parking lot for a little stretching and warm-up. A few SSH, merkins, calf stretches and good mornings was all we needed (no arm circles today boys…).

There’s hardly a better way to test your individual progress than to race against the clock. So, a window of 20 mins was given to complete the following as many times as possible:
5 Pull-ups
10 Merkins
15 Squats
1 Lap around the track

We decided to record each man’s progress for historical purposes, in order to have a goal for the next Water Wings Q…

Banjo 8
Sosa 7
Shut-In 7
Open-Out 7
Other Brother 6
Crimson 7
Parker 6
Malpractice 8
Sooey 6
Grease Monkey 8
Sooner 7
Freebird 7
Sour Mash 7
Biner 8
Chong Lee 8
Snots 6
Water Wings 8

After time was up the PAX moseyed east on Hunter St back to the shovel flag to wrap up with a little Mary.

Total distance covered ended up being just over 3 miles. Good work men!

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