F3, Field of Dreams

Cool Runnings at FOD

Despite several ominous warnings on the GroupMe, 17 PAX arrived at FOD in the cool crisp air for Day1 of a Back-to-Back Beaker Beatdown (BBBB, B Quartic, B4 – I’m just dropping a TM on any variant of 4 Bs).  Franklin and Airbag had to be coaxed out of the warm and cozy Wolfpack Red 4Runner with promises (lies?) of a not-too-difficult Q that would be much more difficult for the rest of the PAX if they didn’t join.  Apparently that did it.  No FNGs, but YHC had a special disclaimer this AM, “You’ve heard it said that if you can do a regular workout, you can do the Odyssey.  My goal this morning is to make sure that that statement is, in fact, true.”  A few groans and a chuckle (Ma Bell) and we were off.

Beaker’s Beginnings (The Warm-up)

Jog up the lot to the baseball, but swerve at the last minute into the excessively dark tunnel.  Just follow the light men.  Circle up at the lamp post for:

Side Straddle/Shuffle/Jumping Jack Hops x 20, which became Little Man Jumping in response to Franklin’s critique of my nomenclature.  They teach you to respond to mumblechatter with additional beating down at Q school, right?

10x Good Mornings, then continue our saunter up to the big parking lot.  Circle up again for LBACs x 20 and Calf Stretches x 5 each

Beaker’s Beatdown (The Thang) and Beaker’s Bellies (The Mary)

Cleverly hidden in the shadow of a parking lot island was the 5 Gallon jug, filled to the brim, promised for Pet Sounds.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t there this AM, so the rest of the PAX had to carry water for him.  Two sets of PAX in shoulder-to-shoulder planks with a single parking lot space between them, water jug with one team.  Innermost PAX grabs the jug and hauls it over to the other team and then heads to the end of the Plank-line.  Repeato about a million times and we ended up with a YUUUUUGE gap between us.  We planked for about 82 minutes, give or take, with 76 of those minutes accruing during Airbag’s casual strolls between the teams.  Mixed in low-planks, left-arm, right-arm, and supermans.  YHC called recover before we reached the end because there was still so much to do.  We’ll make all the way next time…

Mosey back down to the mailbox, where YHC discovered that Freed to Lead apparently means Freed-to-not-follow-your-Q-when-he-says-follow me.  In truth, I asked the PAX to sort themselves into three groups, 6, 6, and 5, and that proved to difficult to accomplish while also paying attention to the Q.  Anyway, at the mailbox there was another gift tucked in the shadows: a pallet/Cackalacky Bobsled.  Team one hopped on the sled, two riding, four (or three) pulling to the next lam post while the other teams assembled at the next two lamp posts.  While waiting for their chariot, the PAX alternated between merkins and squats.  14 lamp posts later we were at the rock pile.

The sled was kindly set aside and each PAX grabbed a “make-your-mamma-proud” big boy rock and mosied to the lower field for some Usain Bolts.  The final present tucked in the shadows was a ruck, estimated to weigh 25lbs.  One PAX would call a rock exercise and high-tail it to the other sideline and back as the assembled PAX complied.  Only Kilmer was so kind as to call the same exercise 2x in a row.  Lots of good upper body and Mary variety.  We finished with 5 Rockees and headed back to the sled.

One time around the parking lot, 2x pulls per team, and we were done.

Beaker’s Benediction (The COT)


Announcements: The Odyssey this Sat 0600-1000.

A new Thursday AO to launch at the end of the month under the kind and gentle leadership of Goose.  Show up for a pre-launch workout this week at Mills Park Sports Fields (see photo below) at 0545 and you can share in the naming rights and any and all associated royalties (which I am told hover near zero for most AOs.)

Prayers: Anger, hatred, and how we respond to each other has been heavy on YHCs mind.  I exhorted all to remember Christ’s standard for responding to those who mis-treat you: if somone slaps you, offer him your other cheek; if he takes your jacket from you, offer him your shirt also.  Christ held nothing back and offered everything to us, let us emulate Him.  It takes incredible humility and strength to respond with grace and mercy when everything in us cries out for justice and vengeance.  Find that strength!  We will impact our communities and families in wonderful, bigly ways if we can.

Kilmer announced a business lunch with a Christian theme, but great and non-threatening for non-Believers as well.  Friday 13Oct17, at some time which is early for lunch but escapes me at the moment (which is why you should write these things before noon!).  Check in with him if interested.

Men, thanks for your efforts this morning.  It’s always a pleasure to lead.  SYITG!

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