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Got to keep things moving…

My wife was out late last night so I ended up staying up late too which made me a little nervous about the early morning Q. We had a good crowd when I got there and per usual Flouride showed up right on time with Midler right behind him.  Then we were off.

Warm Up

Jog to the lake up to the amphitheater – SSH, GM, and WMH.  Got a little mumble chatter so we headed around the lake.  Bear crawl the bridge, wait for the six and then merkins.  Continue around the lake with a stop for plank jacks and mountain climbers.

The Thang

The Ederlee Dr Hill – alternating sprinting/jogging at the light poles.  Stop at the top.

Cross over to the Avenue of the Estates. At the bottom of the hill partner up for some catch me if you can.  One partner does backwards run the other does 5 burpees and catches partner one and they switch.


Back to the Ederlee Dr Hill – same thing down.  At the bottom merkins and planks waiting for the six.

Jog back to the parking lot for…

Suicides (3 cones, each 6 yards apart):

  • All forward – 1st, 2nd, 3rd x 3 while partner does dying cockroach
  • All forward – 3rd, 2nd, 1st x 3 while partner does Hello Dollies
  • Forward and backward – 1st, 2nd, 3rd x 3  while partner does V ups
  • Forward and backward – 3rd, 2nd, 1st x 3  while partner does LBCs

Relay 4 x parking lot loop – Groups of 4 for relay race. All you good.


15 x Home to Marge for good measure


Count-a-Rama: 16
Announcements: Odyssey this Saturday; Krispy Kreme Challenge Feb 3, 2018
Prayers: praises for Denali’s 2.0 is 7 (icey pop), CD for meeting with UNC Faterinties
BOM: YHC took us out. Thankful for the reminder to grateful for what the Lord has blessed us with.


  • My main goal this morning was to keep things moving.
  • Grease is a good partner and goes all out on the running parts.
  • We won the relay race right?
  • Joe Smith is on new diet.
  • I got about 3 miles but not sure it got all my suicides 🙂
  • Thanks for letting me lead this morning!


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