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Mucho Beasto

I was about a hot minute away Sunday evening from texting Goose to see if he wanted to go to Kryptonite when Hot Spot’s weekly Q summary came in. And guess what? There was my name for A-Team! You see, I knew that. I was just testing y’all to see YOU knew that. Yeah. yeah.

As we rolled up to the Park entrance, no cars. That can only mean 5 things:

  1. There was a convergence we didn’t know about
  2. We got our days mixed up and it’s not actually Monday
  3. Wolverine took off and everyone is now going there instead of A-Team
  4. Everyone but YHC and Goose is fart-sacking
  5. Cheddar Bo is up early this morning and has unlocked the gates.

Alas, it was the latter. Since my crudely drafted plans revolved around an entrance start, I had exactly 1 minute on the drive to the back of the park to rearrange the workout in my head.

It was a good crowd on a nice crisp morning. A couple of long sleeves made appearances. Not to worry; you’ll be warm soon enough.


Jog back toward the entrance to the bridge at the base of the big hill and circle up for

  • 4 x sloooooooow GMs IC
  • 10 x Merkins IC
  • 10 x Sir Fazio Arm Circles (forward and backward) IC
  • 10 x Squats IC

The Thang

Jog up the hill and on to the stop sign by the batting cage. Line up in 3 waves and sprint to the next stop sign. Repeato x 4. Mosey on over to the first parking lot for a beastly Beast.

  • 1st set: Around the parking lot for 6 squat jumps at 6 stopping points along the way. SSHs when you’re done til the 6 arrives. Then a set of speed mucho chesto (10 standard merkins, 10 wide grip merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 offset merkins left, 10 offset merkins right)
  • 2nd set: 6 star jumps at the 6 stopping points, followed by SSHs til the 6 arrived. Then a set of speed mucho abs-o (10 big boy sit-ups, 10 dying cockroaches, 10 flutter kicks, 10 LBCs, 10 American hammers)
  • 3rd set: 6 LBCs at the 6 stopping points, SSHs til the 6 arrived, followed my speed mucho chesto
  • 4th set: 6 plank jacks at the 6 stopping points, SSHs til the 6 arrived, followed my speed mucho abs-o
  • 5th set: 6 merkins at the 6 stopping points, SSHs til the 6 arrived, followed by speed mucho chesto. What? I thought that was legitimate.
  • 6th set: 6 burpees (crowd favorite) at the 6 stopping points, SSHs til the 6 arrived, followed by speed mucho abs-o

Jog back toward the shovel flag, circling back to pick up the 6 when you reach the top of the hill. Continue jog to the open basketball court and line up for

  • Set of suicides
  • Sprint to end; backward run back
  • Sprint down and back


  • 18 x Home-to-Marge IC (led by and in honor of Disco Duck’s 18th wedding anniversary)
  • 15 x Freddie Mercuries IC
  • 12 x Rocky Balboas IC
  • 15 x Standard Merkins IC
  • 15 seconds of Have a Nice Day


Count-a-Rama: 20
Name-a-rama: 5 RESPECTS, 1 hate, 14 mehs
Announcements: Odyssey this Saturday; Krispy Kreme Challenge Feb 3, 2018
Prayers: Aristocrat for the loss of his friend over the weekend; praises for Disco Duck’s 18th wedding anniversary today; many unspoken
BOM: (hands on Aristocrat): YHC took us out


  • YHC was seriously considering Kryptonite. That would not have been a good look for the Nan’tan to miss a Q THE DAY AFTER Q SCHOOL
  • It was an honor to lead this morning; you boys brought your lunch pails today! The only groan I heard was at the call of burpees on the final round of the beast
  • At least someone told me it was a groan; to me it sounded like cheers
  • If you count the merkins during the burpees and the IC merkins as 2 each, we knocked out 272 merkins today. You’ll thank me later.

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