Rush-Hour, Virgin Q

Pain Sticks with WKRP Leading the Way

  • When: Sept 26, 2017
  • QIC: Earhart, WKRP (VQ)
  • The PAX: Riptide, Ma Bell, Disco Duck, Kermit, Pickles, Pinball (FNG), YHC Earhart

Rolling into an AO I have never posted and one that I will try to make more often now that the weather is getting cooler, eventually, because the site has so much to offer for pain and beatdowns.  I had convinced WKRP over sodas last week that his time had come to Q a workout and that I would be there to help.  After two sodas, he was convinced.  Most of the PAX show-up including an FNG, Pinball, who was brought out by his brother-in-law, Pickles, who was NOT here at the AO.  Nice one Pickles.  WKRP shouts, let’s go and off we run around the parking lot, taking an extra lap so that Pickles, who just pulled in on two wheels, could catch up.  We then head down to the lawn next to the parking deck for:

Warm Up

Good mornings

Side Straddle Hops

Plank Jacks

Merkins (for the Nantan)

Sir Fazio Arm Things


The Thang

Finish warmup, and YHC takes over, telling PAX to get the pain sticks, figuring when in Rome, or downtown Cary, you must bring-out the pain sticks.  Grab a nice, heavy coupon and head to the stairwell, hiking with the pain stick all the way to the top and out on the parking deck.  Man, it is warm in the afternoons but at least we had some breeze.  FNG struggling a little with the stairs and pain stick, but site Q Disco came to his aid.  First Thang exercise is Jacob’s ladder, an ascending exercise with one side performing big boy sit-ups and the other doing squats with pain stick, all the time running between the two stations carrying the pain stick.  We stopped at 7 of each exercise.  I gave our shoulders a break and did a quick round of freddy mercuries before picking them back up and heading back down the stairs.

Back at the bottom, we took the sticks to the small field and circled-up for some arm exercises, led by WKRP.  He called out curls for girls, overhead extensions, squats, and pain stick rows.  PAX thoroughly gassed at this point and tired of the pain sticks, YHC instructs PAX to put them back.

We mosey back to the parking area and up the small path and down to the atrium between the police station and the town hall.  While waiting for the sixes to catch-up, YHC (now Q) calls for erkins and left-right step-ups on fountain wall.

Once the last of the PAX arrive (again, great job Disco picking up the six), YHC calls out 7s, running around the right side of the atrium and up the stairs, performing 6 burpees at the top, running down the left side, performing one sumo squat on a little stage.  Round and round we go until we finish on the small stage with 6 sumo squats.

Moseying over to the grass field and turning the Q back over to WKRP for:


We do some LBCs, homer-to-marge, hello dolly, and closed it out with Carolina wine makers.  Bell tolls 6:30 and we are done.  As is tradition, we take our shoes off and wade into the fountain to cool the feet off after a hot day.


Count-a-rama:  8 PAX


  • 10/1 Q School, 2:00PM Bond Park, Kiosk
  • Odyssey CSAUP, October 7th
  • Christmas party announcement coming in the next couple of weeks
  • Krispy Kreme Challenge coming in February
  • 9/11 Stair Climb (Tuesday in 2018)


  • T-claps to Disco Duck for always being mindful of the PAX and picking up the six, more than once
  • Q did not call penalty burpees for Pickles coming in hot as I felt the FNG needed a break
  • Riptide has now been educated on Carolina Wine Makers
  • YHC was disappointed Aystole (sp?) was not there as it is a PAX I normally don’t get to meet
  • Pinball (FNG) got his name because Pinball Wizard was the first song he learned to play on guitar
  • Pinball and Pickles are close names as well
  • YHC chose the wrong fountain for feet dipping but seemed like the logical choice at the time since it was right in front of the police department (what could go wrong?)
  • Great site with lots of options! YHC will be back again.


It was an honor to lead you men this afternoon.



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