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Merkins, Murph, Burpees.

Is there really more I need to say?  I guess maybe that there were some LBCs and Freddie Mercuries sprinkled in, or that Large Mouth runs like an antelope out of control, or that my co-site Q Shank made the most amazing shovel flag ever (complete with hand-created camouflage), or that same said co-site Q provided the 20 PAX brave enough to post at FMJ with Gatorade and camo F3 koozies, or that Khakis did his best Grease Monkey impression by lacing up at 0530 on the nose.

It was a brutal but awesome launch of FMJ.  Thanks to those that showed.

Warmup: Quarter mile jog behind the shovel flag.

Thang: Merkins, Murph, Burpees.

NMS: See above.


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