Slippery When Wet

CARPEX Inaugural BURPEE 100

9 pax: Blue and Out, Cumulus, Hermes, Joe Smith, Oofta, Smokey, Sosa, Term Paper, YHC Banjo
Being this is only the second time YHC has stepped into Ritter Park, the first in well over a year, YHC got moving early since to step things off, running off some night squatter in the rear parking lot. It was good to see the men arriving early, mumble chatter in the early am is like a good cup of espresso. YHC was stoked. There were no FNGS; we’re off with Mosey around the parking lot to the baseball field.
Warmup: SSH, imperial walkers, good am, windmills, plank, mtn climbers, plank, merkins, plank, pigeon, plank, cobra, plank, walk it up.
Partner up. Home to First to second. P1 bear crawls to first base and AMRAPs merkins, P2 runs the bases. Flapjack to second.
Second to third to home, P1 gorilla hops to third base and AMRAPs merkins, P2 runs the bases. Flapjack to home.
Repeat above with crab walk.
LET’S GET SOME “MORE”:  As the Twitter machine said, “expect traditional picking style, consisting of an up-picking and down-picking motion. Finding an even rhythm is suggested”.
Mosey to the southern parking lot for the “Burpee 100”. Timer is set for 1 minute repeats. Run 100 yds, AMRAP burpees till timer goes off. Repeat for a total of 10 rounds**.  YHC was on the verge of merlot and completed 93. Joe Smith with 66. Pax sound off with your counts
Thank you Aujus and Beano in Churham for the inspiration.
Mosey to the playground and circle up for dealers choice Mary. #F3Cumulus on his 2nd post nailed his turn with WWII. YHC wondering why all the extra time, the Q was flawless with not a single error. Sadly, two rounds were missed on the “Burpee 100”. YHC malfunction, only 8 rounds were completed and narry a pax said a word 😔
Odyssey 10/7, Full Metal Jacket launch 9/26 Salem Pond Park 5:30 am, Q school 10/1, GoRuck Capital Tour 10/20, Respect Week Qs 11/6-117, Haven House raffle, Minivan Centurian patches for sale to benefit Haven House – see Bartman, Krispy Kreme Challenge 2/3/18
Blue and Out and friends on the Duke helicopter, SWAG FIL, Luke, Calli’s cousin Christopher, Repeato’s daughter
YHC took us out
Oofta, “flapjack” is when P1 and P2 switch positions and the prior set of exercises repeats.
Sosa committed to a Q following Q school – he will be out of town 10/1
Smokey might get on the twitter machine. He had no idea YHC had the Q
Errmaize getting a little hoarse calling out YHC on failed “Recover”

Joe Smith is working with TOC on pull up bars.

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