Bounty Hunters

Shoulders for Days, and Some Running Too

This marks YHC’s second post at Bounty Hunters, excited to see the Q spot was open.  My first post here was Franklin’s tour of downtown Apex.  Today would be less informative and less pleasant.  17 PAX gathered in the gloom of the Apex Skate Park, no FNG’s, no site-Qs, so it was only appropriate that I planted the DZ flag, cause that’s how DZ rolls!

– Jog to some random parking lot behind Apex Parks and Rec.  I think we can all agree this should be the official BH warm-up lot.
– 20 SSH, 10 GMs (you’re welcome Crimson), 20 mtn climbers, 10 IW, 20 plank jacks, 20 merkins.

– Run back the shovel flag for light pole ladder.
– Starting at the flag, running north on Ambergate Station to Apex Peakway, stop at each light pole for increasing hand-release merkins.  Build up to 7, turn around at run back, decreasing 7 to 1.  Plank to wait for the 6. 20 plank jacks.
– Next, partner up and jog to the small lot by the baseball field.  P1 counter clockwise bear crawl, P2 clockwise run.  When you meet, 10 partnerkins.  Same direction but P1 runs and P2 bearcrawls.  Repeato until you total 80 partnerkins.  Plank to wait for the 6.  20 mtn climbers.
– To the baseball fence, P1 BTTW, P2 on the curb for 20 LBDs.  Flapjack, repeato 3 total sets.
– Back to the light pole ladder, this time just working back to the shovel flag.  Starting with 5 star jumps and increasing 5 at each light pole.

– To the skate ramps for 10 LBCs.

– Count – 17, Name-o-rama
– Announcements – Odyssey October 7th.  Full Metal Jacket Tuesday 9/26 5:30 AM.
– Prayer Requests – Blue-N-Out coworkers, Crimson’s boss’s M
– YHC took us out.

– No snakes at Bounty Hunters today.
– The run down Ambergate Station was much longer than I anticipated.  (Que Mabell “that’s what she said”.)  Google Maps FAIL………….or SUCCESS, depending on how you look at it.
– Shutty organized a special trip to South Wake this morning to avoid Largemouth promote The Odyssey.  Perfect timing.
– Thankful to be in Carpex this morning, after reading about South Wake.  Mumble chatter was strong despite no Burt.
– Lots of newer faces to YHC, but the comradery is always on point in Carpex.

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