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Pocket Park Blues

I rolled in early and saw a few guys already stretching next to the church and wondered if I had gotten mixed up on the time.  Turns out they were part of the #meowmile crew, and off they went.  They returned a few minutes with Hello Kitty and a few others looking for extra credit.

5:45, everybody’s here, no FNGs, welcome to our brother Matlock from F3ENC, let’s roll.

Warm Up

Mosey over to the bank for some SSH (Nature Boy-style for YHC), IW, standard merkins and cotton pickers.

Thang 1

Mosey (I was excited and may have gone faster than a mosey) over to the flagpoles behind the police station (228 Ambassador Loop, Cary, NC 27513), home of Rush Hour, the Ultimate F3Carpex afternoon workout.  Partner up and head over to the pocket park for a modified Dora.  Each pair would combine to complete:

100 dips

200 left-right step ups (despite explaining multiple times there was some confusion about what constituted a rep)

300 irkins

4 bear crawl trips across the courtyard and back

While doing step-ups I looked down in the grass and noticed what I thought was a huge worm.  It wasn’t until it slithered on to the sidewalk that I could tell it was in fact a small snake.  Did I shriek like a little schoolgirl?  No!  I’ve been doing F3 for a few months so I’m a tough guy.  I just warned the rest of the PAX by asking if anyone was scared of snakes.

Then the guy next to me, and I wish I had paid attention to who it was so I could give him full credit, casually reached down, grabbed the little snake behind its little head and tossed it into the flower bed where it couldn’t bother us.  And I thought I was a tough guy for not screaming.

Thang 2

Mosey over to the Academy Street sidewalk and head back to Waldo Street, stopping at each light pole for ten LBCs.  And as always, finish with a Billy Run to the end.


Angry Elf called Peter Parkers, which he and Hi-Liter did amazingly well.  They looked like they had trained together since they were toddlers to compete in Synchronized Peter Parkers at the Olympics.  Then Hi-Liter called ABCs, where you write out the letters of the alphabet using your legs and feet.  According to the mumble chatter this technique can also be used for something else.


Announcements:  CSAUP on October 7th at Bond Park at 6:00 AM (if you can do this workout, you can do the CSAUP), Q School at the Bond Park kiosk on October 2nd at 2:00 PM, some crazy folks have signed up for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon in March and are trying to convince a few more crazy folks to join them, a Ruck event in March (see Bartman for details)

Prayers/Praises:   Praise for Callahan’s little buddy Luke for coming through surgery yesterday, continues prayers for him and his family and for a quick, uncomplicated and complete recovery.


It’s always an honor to lead this amazing group of men.  It was especially enjoyable to do it at Bradford’s Ordinary, one of my favorite AO’s.  I can’t wait to do it again.

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