Yes, there were concerns, its September 18 and the Wolverine marketing machine had been working overtime for a few weeks.  Creeping thoughts as I drove to Koka-Booth, am I going to be leading myself around the lake? But alas, nine Supermen and YHC were ready to go at 5:30.  Only confirms, there is more then enough fun to go around Carpex for three workouts, even on a Monday!

The Warmup

15 X SSH, good mornings, hillbilly’s, Cotton pickers, Mountain climbers and over to the curb for quick feet x 20.

Lets get into it:

  • Bear crawl to light pole 1, sumo squats AMRAP as we gather, recover
  • Karaoke to next pole, merkins AMRAP, recover
  • Backwards run to next pole, American hammers as we gather, recover
  • Mosey to the next parking lot
  • Repeato

Mosey over to the rock pile, about 5:40 AM and dark, one car attempting to sit in corner of parking lot, not really sure what he was doing.  Driver got a surprise when we rolled up right in front of him and started grabbing BIG rocks. He stayed through the first set, but think he got a glimpse of CD’s biceps and got the heck out of there.  Exercise show went like this:

  • 15X rock curls: tricep extension, shoulder press and rock rows
  • Lunge walk to other side of parking lot
  • 10X rock curls: tricep extension, shoulder press and rock rows
  • Put the rocks back, lets Mosey

Continue down Regency and make a left on the Greenway to the lake trail.  Only a small sliver of moon, so pretty dark but with 2 lights between the Pax, we managed Indian run without major injury, stopping along the way for irkins and American hammers.  Just before reaching the street, lets do a set of 5’s with dips on the guard rail and monkey humpers by the bench.

Time running short, more Indian run to complete the lake circle with quick stop for burpees, and into the parking lot for quick Mary and its a wrap.

Announcements: Odessey Oct 7, Beach House for haven House sponsored by Burt, get you sum raffle tix!

Prayers and Praises: The good stuff, praises for Freebird’s brand new 2.0 and Khakis 2 year anniversary for blessing of having his daughter in his family, Prayers, safe travels for Sooey to St. Louis as rioting goes on in that city, for YHC’s Mom as Tuesday is one year anniversary of the passing of my Dad

Gents, was a pleasure, thankful to be able join such a fine group of men.


Mumble Chatter

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