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Where It’s At – Half a Pyramid and a Ladder

When: September 16, 2017
AO: Phoenix
QIC: Biner and PBX
PAX: Tony Danza, Dice, Dreamland, Texas Ranger, Pierogi, Appolo, Sticks, CK,
Ollie (rucker), Bartman (rucker), Banjo (rucker)

Only 13 men gathered this Saturday at Bond Park. 10 stayed for the Phoenix workout and 3 went off to ruck.

Warm Up (Biner)
Mosey over to the Community Center parking lot and circle up for some good mornings, side straddle hops, mountain climbers, and some Sir Fazio arm circles.

Thang 1 (Biner)
Jog over to the Kiwanis Shelter for a pyramid, stopping at every other lamp post for 5 burpees, OYO. Find a bench at the shelter. Set 1 – dips x 5, step-ups x 5 (left-right), irkins x 5, jump squats x 5, box cuttters x 5. Four sets. Increase each by 5 each subsequent set. Not enough time to go back down the pyramid. Over to PBX.

Thang 2 (PBX)
Jog/karaoke down to the boat shelter parking lot and back to the playground. At the playground, partner up for a ladder of pullups, merkins, and flutters. Together with your partner, each do 1 pullup, 2 merkins, and three flutters (left-right) for the first rung. Do 2-4-6 for the second rung, all the way up to 10-20-30 for the 10th.

Thang 3 (PBX)
Over to the amphitheatre for some BTTW and bear crawls. Half the pax BTTW on the stage while the other half bear crawls around the perimeter. 2 rounds or maybe it was one.

Time to head back to the parking lot. Stop for one last set of 5 burpees OYO. Billy run from the stop sign.

Mary (PAX)
CK, Pierogi, Dreamland, Texas Ranger, and PBX took turns calling out Mary. Think there was some hammers, Homer-to-Marges, hello dollys, boat/canoes, and one-armed pushups (3/arm).

Count-a-rama: 13 strong. 3 respects, 1 hate.
Announcements: The usual – CSAUP on Oct 7th at 0600, new Wolverine starts started on 9/18
Prayers and Praises: Freebird, his M, and their newborn. Congratulations.
YHC took us out

5 for Coffeteria at Panera

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