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Back to School


20 HIM joined YHC on a trip down memory lane–actually, it was down Hunter Street–to visit one of my favorite spots at BH. The gloom…the pull-up monkey bars…the long distance from the park…we’re talking about Baucom Elementary School’s back playground area. We journeyed there on one of my first posts at BH. Time to go back to (the) school.

The Warmup

– Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag
– Jog to the parking lot of Lee’s Tailor Shop…backwards run for fun on the way.
– Merkins x30IC
– Frontside Jacks x20IC
– Windmills x10IC
– Penalty Burpees (for one late PAX) x10OYO
– Imperial Walkers x10IC

The Thang

– Count off, partner up
– Stairbarrow Circuits – as a favor to the 9/11 stair-climb participants, we avoided climbing stairs…with our legs. While your partner holds your legs, climb the stairs to the second story of the Lee’s Tailor Shop building in Bearcrawl/Wheelbarrow fashion. At the top, Prison Break Merkins (under the fence, back under the fence) x5 OYO. At the bottom, Sideplank Star Crunches x5 OYO. Flapjack. Rinse. Repeat for 2 full rounds.
– Run to Baucom Elementary School
– Modified Dora – as a 2-man team, while your partner runs a lap on the track… perform 30 Harrisons (Invented by the 6-time World Champion Pittsburgh Steeler, James Harrison: while in a “L-Hang” position on the pull-up bar with arms bent at a 90 degree angle, rotate hips to the left and right to complete a single count) 60 Wolverines (An expanded burpee worthy to be named after CarPex’s new AO: drop, pushup/left knee in, pushup/right knee in, pushup, jump up) and 90 Crabcakes. We got about half way through when YHC realized that time was getting away from us…so we knocked out 5 final crabcakes. Then…
– Old Maid led us “the back way” through the neighborhood to the flag.


– AMRAP slow Australian Mountain Climbers while a few PAX bring up the 6


– Folded Arm Hang; move to the right and left
– Achilles Stretch left and right
– Sumo Squat Stretch; slow roll up
– Chicken Wing stretch right and left

GREAT work, men. Strong.

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