Field of Dreams

Excuses, Excuses

11 PAX (ten for boot camp, one for a solo run) gathered at Thomas Brooks Park, site of Field Of Dreams. YHC pulled up just as the rain was letting up just a little. It was a smaller group today, but that’s okay. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to lead a group barely into double digits. I forgot how nice that is.

But, to be frank, I expected a smaller crowd today. But I can’t decide what the excuse really is for all the fartsackers today. Some will say that their legs are dead from yesterday’s stair climb. Then others will point to the weather and claim it’s not worth it. Note: it’s always worth it.

Alas, 11 real men got after it in West Cary.


Jog to the baseball (daggone! when was the last time we could all fit on the baseball?) and circle up for:

Good Mornings
Imperial Walkers


We were going to partner up and run a couple laps around the baseball diamonds in opposite directions, doing 5 Bropees each time we met. But TOC installed a new fence to close off the trail.

People sometimes ask me why I hate TOC so much. This is why.

So, since that plan was shot to pieces before it ever started, we created a different loop and did everything I typed a few sentences ago. It was okay.

Next, YHC guided the PAX to the lower field for a little Thelma and Louise (partner suicides). One partner held People’s Chair while the other ran backwards to the 6yd line and back. Flapjack. Same thing to the 18yd line and back. Then midfield, the other 18, the other 6, and lastly the other end line.

Head over to the shelter for some arm work. We did a variant of Jack Webbs (Angry Elf propsed we name them C-Webbs in honor of Chris Webber) involving pull-ups and irkens. This kinda sucked, so we only made it up to 5/20 reps.

Back to the field for another round of Thelma and Louise, but with side shuffles and cariocas (or both at the same time a la Sky Blue)

Back to the shelter for more C-Webb starting at 5/20 and working back down to 1/4. When finished, circle up for…


Freddy Mercury’s x 20
Dealer’s Choice Protractor (each PAX calls out an angle and does a 15-count)


Name-o-rama: 11 Titans

Count-o-rama: Still 11. 2 RESPECTS, no hates

Announcements: Co-Q needed for F3 dads, if interested contact Parker. The Odyssey is coming up. F3 Carpex guys’ weekend is upon us. RSVP asap b/c Pet Sounds is buying food today. Lastly, if you have any contacts in Chicago, send their email address to

Prayers: F3 Chicago and the men leading the charge, praises for our health and wellness, prayers for those without health and wellness


  • Ah, what a great feeling to get out and Q! Seems like it’s been an eternity since I’ve had the honor of putting my brothers through something miserable. Big shout to Irma for the assist.
  • (Just checked my calendar…no more Q sign ups in sight!)
  • Why. Did. You. Fartsack?
  • It didn’t rain nearly as hard as you thought it was going to rain.
  • I’m sort of actually kinda maybe just tiniest bit nervous about winter this year. Numbers always wane a little in the colder months, but with such a huge amount growth, we’ve seemingly doubled the number of AOs in just the last year. But when the PAX stop coming, that doesn’t mean the AOs are going anywhere! And you know what that means? That means more YHC Q’s.
  • Depending on your personality and disposition toward me, that may be a good thing or it may be the worst thing.
  • Anyway, all that to say that I believe in you and you should definitely sign up to Q.
  • Yes, you.
  • See you in the gloom


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